Alford Lake Camp
(Began operation in 1907)
(This section is under construction)

ALFORD LAKE CAMP, P. O. R.F.D. 2, Union, Me. Alt. 200 ft.
Mrs. Helen Kingsbury Zirkle, 397 South St., Jamaica Plain, Mass. For girls 12-18 Enr. 60 Staff 17 Est. 1907 Fee $350.The first camp for girls in this region, Alford Lake has long been successfully managed by Susan M. Kingsbury. Mrs. Helen Kingsbury Zirkle, who has also been long associated with the camp, is now the active director. It offers the regulation land and water sports, supplemented by excursions, camp cooking, metal craft and entertainments. For many years the camp has been patronized by a discriminating clientele from Boston, New York, the south and the west.

(From "A handbook of summer camps annual summary of. Porter Sargent - 1926)

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