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From a pamphlet published by the Courier-Gazette in July of 1967:

So, once more the piano (once owned by Lucy Flucker Knox wife of Major General Henry Knox) entered a life of warmth and usefulness in the family of Dr. Isaac Bartlett of Hope. His two children, Mornelva and Westbra learned to play it. It couldn't have found a better home or a more appreciative reception for the fact of its historic association with the Knox family was never forgotten during its fifty-eight years of adoption.

Young Westbra Bartlett kept a fine daily Journal from 1856 to 1868.
Excerpts from this Journal reveal the story of life in the country and the social activities of those days. Most of the social gatherings included the little piano. Possibly it suffered a few indignities such as being "taken for a ride" in the back of a sleigh or bob-sled, without its legs but it was built sturdily and survived it all. Needless to say the excellent condition of the piano legs today is because they stayed at home while the boxed piano gaily attended parties and dances for which Westbra played the piano, accompanied by his uncle Orrison and his "fiddle."

The people of that day worked hard and if they found they could combine 268C
a good deed and still derive pleasure from it was a worthy project.
One of the popular social yet charitable affairs occasionally enjoyed was a "tax party," namely to assist a worthy widow in paying her taxes. Refreshments were carried by the surprise guests and during the evening a collection was "taken up" unobtrusively left for the widow for her kind hospitality. The little piano gave out merry tunes for both singing and dancing. Westbra's Journal noted one of these occasions Feb. 5, 1858. "Had a taxparty" tonight. Went to the Widow Knight's. Had eight sleighs go."


This brief description was primarily drawn from Anna Hardy's History of Hope, pages 157 and 158.

Isaac Bartlett was born in Hope in 1810, son of Daniel Bartlett and is second wife, Eliza A. Dunton. Daniel Bartlett, of New Ipswich, New Hampshire, was a cousin of Samuel Appleton. Isaac was a student of Dr. Moses Dakin at Hope Corner. Isaac married Harriet Harwood of Hope in 1834, and about that time began the practice of medicine in Hope, being the town's only physician after the death of Dr. Dakin in 1864. He was interviewed in 1889 by Wilder Perry, editor of the Camden Herald, at the request of the Boston Globe. The good Doctor had subsisted on a diet of bread, milk, apples, and occasional vegetables for most of his life, and was at the time of the interview still in active practice. This photograph, taken in Camden at the W. V. Lane Studio in Camden and noting on its face that the Doctor was 80 at the time, was once in the files of Wilder Perry, and was purchased on 21June 2013 from the Perry descendants by Donald Burke of Appleton and from him by the Hope Historical Society. The reverse of the photo bears the penciled note: "1 Col. done Thurs. PM," indicative of its use in a newspaper article.


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