Beaver Camp
(Began operation in 1911)

Moderns vs. Classics

BEAVER CAMP, P. O. East Union, Me. Alt. 200 ft.
Elizabeth W. Fisher, 2222 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa., Margaretta Poe, Earl Court, Baltimore, Md., Mrs. S.Naudain Duer, 400 South 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa. For girls 14-18 Em. 66 Staff 16 Est. 1911 Fee $400.Beaver is one of the better known camps which is patronized by a fashionable clientele largely from Philadelphia and Baltimore. The directors are assisted by carefully chosen councilors.
Much attention is given to athletics and water sports. There are opportunities for handcrafts.

(From "A handbook of summer camps annual summary of. Porter Sargent)

The property was purchased in 1910 and sold in 1952 to Viking Lumber. It was in operation as a
girls camp from 1911 until 1951. Beaver Camp was the second to be established, on the shore of Alford Lake . The girls came to Union by train and trolley and were transported from there to Hope by buckboard wagons. Wagons this type can be seen at the Matthews Museum in Union.
Hope Historical Society has several copies of "The Beaver Camp Budget" a publication of the Beaver Camp Alumnae Association. Several sections of the 1920 edition are reproduced
Betty Lou Richards has prepared a book about Beaver Camp, which has been given to the Hope Historical Society. Much of the information on this website is in the book. Pages that are not can be accessed
here, except for sales and purchase agreements.

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Loyalty and devotion to Beaver Camp ideals
Courage, courtesy, self control and modesty
Perseverance and determination under discouraging conditions
Observance towards the rules of the game
And fairness towards opponents
Busy as a Beaver