Hope Business


The Herald Gazette Reporter July 13, 2009, South Hope store history.


P6 Corner Store    P33 Firefly    P36 Hobbs' Mill   P65 Canning Factory    P55 General Store    P30B Harts' Mill    P30 Harts' Mill    P54 So. Hope Store    P149C Waterman Starrett's Factory ca. 1900 P155C Hope Corner Store, picture series  P157 William Norwood Butcher P195 Hope General Store 1934    P220 Mr. Pendleton Delivered Mail P328  Marcellus F. Taylor Store - S Hope     P158 Fiske Home and Inn    P1071b 1852 picture Hope Corner store.   P1094 South Hope saw mill   P1102 George Jacob's garage P1103 Hart's mill    P1595 South Hope Blacksmith