Morey Hill
There are more stones than are shown in the Morey Hill section but they were so worn no good photographs could be taken.
On May 30th, 1808 Hope purchased one acre of land and eight rods of road for a graveyard from Ebenezer Whitcomb.
That graveyard is now known as Morey Hill Cemetery. (Knox County Registry of Deeds, 13:150)

Hope Grove
Pictures of all stones in the front (original) section are now on this site. There are no plans to include the back area.


Pine Grove
In 1808, four years after its incorporation, the Town of Hope purchased land for two Town cemeteries. One of these became Morey Hill Cemetery, on land purchased from Ebenezer Whitcomb. The other became Pine Grove Cemetery, on land purchased from Archibald McLain, in Hopes McLain's Mills village. In 1843, the Maine State Legislature partitioned off the western third of Hope and added it to the Town of Appleton. That western third of Hope included the village of McLain's Mills and Hope's Pine Grove Cemetery which then became Appleton's Pine Grove Cemetery.

Plans call for taking photographs of all of the stones of those who passed away before Appleton broke away from Hope. As this happens, the names in the report on this site will be linked to the photos as noted with underlines of the names.