Crabtree Family 

You have seen a peach tree, an apple tree and a pear tree. Take a look at a crab tree.

Very short history and abreviated family tree. 

From the Herald Gazette 11/27/2009 concerning
Bob&Agnes and their 70 years together.

P411 Jesse Crabtree's Home and Barn Built in 1856    P461 Jessie Crabtree's House c. 1924    P412 Bob Crabtree's Father Raymond    P413 Jesse Crabtree, Bob Crabtree's Great Grandfather    P414 Caroline Crabtree, Bob Crabtree's Great Grandmother    P430 House owned by Jesse Crabtree Sam's son P416 Frank Crabtree    P417 Frank and Harriet Crabtree on Their 60th Wedding Anniversary    P418 Raymond and Elsie Crabtree in 1911    P419 Crabtree Family 1921    P410  Blueberry Picking and a 1921 Ford     P421 Bob and Kenneth Crabtree With Mother Elsie    P422 Kenneth and Bob With Father Raymond c.1920    P423 Fish From Fish Pond    P424 Raymond Crabtree Family     P431 Sam Crabtree's house    P432    Sam Crabtree's barn    P1075 Crabtree apple barrel stancil