Dunton Family

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A "second diary" was loaned to us in 2011. It was turned into a pdf file and cleaned up electronically. The first page is not readable. It may be necessary to download a free pdf reader to view the file. The current versions of Windows Explorer, and Firefox work fine. The Chrome browser downloads the file so it is necessary to recover it from download storage to read. The file is 20 megabytes in size and takes a while to download. Click here to access the file.


P1Gathering for Abner at the Universalist Church 1907 P2  Abner 1907? P3 & P4 Abner's Home Across From HHS P5 Abner 1905 P7 Parade for Abner 1907 P72 Abner ca 1900 P181 Abner at home, age103  P293  A.R.Dunton   P294 Seldom Dunton  P296 Susannah Harwood Dunton, Wife of Abner P1026 Abner and family