OFFICERS Elizabeth O'Haverty, President Lois Hebb, v.P. _ Gloria Cassidy, Secretary Faith Hart, Treasurer


The last year of the 20th Century was a very significant one for Hope Historical Society, during which our dream of having a permanent home was realized.

The Handley-Brown residence (most recently the home of Katherine and David Brown) was gifted to the Society by Rick and Ann Bresnahan. This ·acquisition makes possible the establishment of a real museum in which to conserve and display our growing collection of Hope memorabilia and historical artifacts, including a recent bequest from Julia Drury of furniture, quilts, and family bibles from the Howard homestead. Mrs. Frury's bequest also included a generous donation to help the Society develop the potential of its new home.

Along with the realization of our dream comes a big responsibility. We are keenly aware that while we care for the house and build a thoughtful, interesting collection, we must also work hard to make the Hope Historical Home a vibrant addition to the community; not so much a museum as a place where all the fun and interest of Hope's heritage can be shared and enjoyed. We can think of no better way to show our deep appreciation and gratitude for the extraordinary patronage we have received.

Volunteer work parties have already addressed some projects needing immediate attention, but we are looking for many more members willing to put in a few hours on projects as their time permits. The work bees are always fun, and volunteers are guaranteed to be well fed. There are projects to suit all ages and abilities, including the conception and execution of fun and educational programs. For example, this year we are hoping to start an oral history project.

Our new responsibilities also spur us greater fund raising efforts. Our latest endeavor, the 2000 Hope Chronicle started in the summer of 1999, and concluded in January, 2000. It involved many hours of painstaking work which resulted in a Chronicle the Hope Historical Society is very proud of.

Besides census data and a business directory, the 2000 Chronicle includes an informative history of Hope, town growth charts and graphs, and a century of town officials. The Society has also produced an up-to-the-minute map showing all the newly named roads, which is for sale separately. Copies of the Chronicle and the map can be purchased at the Hope Town Office and several local stores, or by contacting Society treasurer, Faith Hart.



October 16,1990, began the second year of the Historical Society in Hope.
Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at the Hope Town Hall. We presently have 40 members.
The Officers are: President, Gwen Brodis; Vice President, Ann Leadbetter;
Secretary-Treasurer, Faith Hart; Genealogical Representative, Anna Hardy.
The Society held an historical display on July 14, 1990 for "Pride In Hope" Day. Anna Hardy was present at the display to autograph her new book, "History of Hope Maine" Also, during this special day, members in historical costumes
participated with a float in the prade, held a food sale, and offered commemorative buttons representing Hope Corner Church and the old South Hope School.

Donations which were received in memory of Ethel Barrett Pearse will be used for a showcase and plaque. Ethel was born in Hope in 1890 and lived all her life at her home on Barnstown Road.

The Society's room in the Town Hall has had shelves, a door and new lock installed this year. Members have cleaned, cataloged and organized collected materials.

We have enjoyed programs, sharing memories, pot luck supers, a visit to the Union Historical Society and the library at the Robbins House, Union. Our meeting at the Boardman-Hardy Place, and Christmas meeting at Brodis's ended a very eventual year fo{the Society.

I would like to thank everyone for their donations and support in our efforts to preserve the history of our town.

Respectfully Submitted, GWEN BRODIS President