Hatchet Mountain Camp For Boys (1926-1938)
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Click here for the Bill Jones oral report concerning this camp, presented on the evening of July 21, 2009 at a combined meeting of the Hope Historical Society and the Hobbs-Fish Pond Association. A text copy will be ready later.

P995 Camp gym   P1108 Gilbert Friend    P1109 John Knight     P1110 Philip Alonzo Jones Aug. 1935    P1111 John Knight & JimmyDoughty    P1112 Breakfast? Under a tree.    P1113 Nurse Miss Mildred 1935    P1114 Row boat    P1115 John Knight & Nanny    P1116 Hut 3    P1117 Sam Sezak P1118 Volley ball    P1119 Catherine, John Knight, and 1932 Pontiac   P1120 Kids with leader    P1121 Dining hall?    P1122 Salute    P1123 Swimming   P1124 Awards1933    P1126 Student charges   P1128 Tomahawk    P1129 Group picture 1931    P1130 Group picture 1932    P1131 Group picture 1933    P1133 Group picture near beach    P1134 Group picture 1930