Hope Grove Cemetery
(44° 15.704' N  69° 9.818' W)


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Finding memorial stones in Hope Grove

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Abtill M. d1859 #

Alford, Betsey d. 1907 2nd Wife of Nathaniel Alford *
Alford, Deborah d. 1854 1st Wife of Nathaniel Alford.
Alford, Clara d1860 Daughter of Deborah & Nathaniel Alford.
Alford, Ella d1861 Daughter of Deborah & Nathaniel Alford
Alford, Florrie d. 1878 Daughter of Betsey & Nathaniel Alford.
Alford, Katie d. 1880 Daughter of Betsey & Nathaniel Alford.

Alford, Lewellen (son of Nathaniel & Deborah Alford). d1839
Alford, Louesa d. 1867 Daughter of Deborah & Nathaniel Alford.
Alford, Nathaniel d. 1887 *
Alford, Nora d. 1898 Daughter of Betsey & Nathaniel Alford.

Allen, Addie M. d1862 (dau. of Wm. J. & Sarah D. Allen).
Allen, Albion d1935, Sergeaqnt Co. G 21st Me.Inf *
Allen, Alden P. d1950 Husband of Mary Olive Drake.
Allen, Aubrey W. d1862 son of Wm. J. & Sarah D. Allen.
Allen, Harold F. d1954
Allen, John K. b1841, Corp Co. H 8th Me. Inf.- died in service
Allen. John T. d1852 Husband of Susan K. Bartlett d1862 *
Allen, Margaret L. d1831 (Wive of Nathan Allen).
Allen, Sarah D. d1884 (wife of Wm. J. Allen).
Allen, Mary W. d1903 (Wive of Nathan Allen)
Allen, Nathan d1868 Husband of Margaret L. Allen and Mary W. Allen *
Allen, Wm. J. d1892 Husband of Sarah D. Allen *

Alley, Florence Kimball wife of Leroy Sheerer Alley d1954.
Alley, Leroy Sheerer Husband of Florence Kimball Alley, d1947.
Alley, Marian wife of Alton Leroy Pierce d1990

Athearn, Benjamin d1863
Athearn, Edwin C. d1853 infant
Athearn, Ezekiel H. d1862.
Athearn, Katie J. d1877.
Athearn, Katie (second stone) d1877.
Athearn, Lucy J. d1908 (wife of Ezkiel).
Athearn, Margaret d1829 (wife of Robert).
Athearn, Mary (wife of Robert) d1836.

Athearn, Robert d1837.
Athearn Willie E. d1852 infant or young child

Barber, Alma Katharine d 1985 (wife of Osmond Smalley? True)..

Barnes, Amy L. d1933 (wife of Randall E. Wadsworth).
Barnes, C. Dexter d1904.
Barnes, Ellen A. d1923 (wife of C. Dexter Barnes).
Barnes, Frances S. d1863.
Barnes, Frances (Dau, of Dexter & Ellen Barnes)

Barrett, Caroline M d1904
Barrett, Cordelia d. 1889
Barrett, David d. 1818
Barrett, Eliza d.1886
Barrett, Elizabeth d.1914
Barrett, Flora d. 1952
Barrett, John d.1884
Barrett, Louisa E. d1871 (Dau. of Rubin&Cordelia)

Barrett, Mary H. d.1869
Barrett, Nathan F.1865 = 1936
Barrett, Rubin d. 1823
Barrett, Rubin.d. 1890
Barrett, Sarah d. 1864
Barrett. Sarah T. d. 1924
Barrett, Silas d. 1854
Barrett, Simon d. 1845 *
Barrett, William d. 1900
Barrett, William Pierre d1940

Bartlett. Charles E. d1921
Bartlett. Cornelia d1846
Bartlett. Daniel d1886
Bartlett. D. Frank d1912

Bartlett. Eliza A. d1888 (Wife of Daniel Bartlett)
Bartlett. Elizabeth, d 1932

Bartlett. Ellen A. d1923 (wife of C. Dexter Barnes)
Bartlett, Ephraim d1825

Bartlett, Estelle V. d1959
Bartlett. Fred O. d1934
Bartlett, Frederick b1846, 1st D.C. Cavalry died in service

Bartlett, Hale d1918
Bartlett, Harriet (Hattie) d1841

Bartlett. Herrick d1879
Bartlett, Laura F. d1972 (dau of E. Bartlett & Ella C. True)
Bartlett, Mary d1914
Bartlett, Mary Philbric d. 1848
Bartlett Noah R? d1843

Bartlett, Orison d1880
Bartlett, Sarah Parkman d1888 (wife of Thos. Bartlett)
Bartlett, Seth d1882
Bartlett. Stella M. (wife of Fred O. Bartlett) d1918
Bartlett, Susan K. d1862 wife of John T. Allen d1852
Bartlett, Thos d1860
Bartlett, Westbra H. d1911
Bartlett. William F. d1930

Bartlett, Wm. P. d1852

Bills, Albert d. 1925
Bills, Bethiah d. 1894
Bills, Charles d. 1918
Bills, Cordelia d1911 (Wife of Floriston J. Quinn)
Bills, Eliza W. d1914 (wife of Warren Bills)
Bills, Hartwell d1889

Bills, Ira d1893
Bills, Jason d. 1893
Bills, Jason d1861

Bills, Julia d. 1954
Bills, Margaret Ann d1912 (his wife of Philip Hoffman Coose)
Bills, Nan (Wife of C.A. Bills) d1887
Bills, Nancy H. d1869
Bills, Octavia d1841
Bills, Peggy H. d1859 (wife of Jason Bills)

Bills, Warren d1893

Blake, Ambros? W. d 1849 (son of Jedson & Helina Blake)

Bordman, Caroline A. d1895? (wife of Fredrick A. Gushee)
Boardman, Joseph d1903
Boardman, Lucy A. d1914

Bordman, Lydia A. d1849(Wife of Stephen Boardman Jr.)
Boardman, Olive M. d1883
Boardman, Sarah P. d1872

Boardman, Capt. Stephen d1855

Bowles, John M. d1900

Bowley, Ann Janette d1917 (wife of Marcellus Taylor)
Bowley, Sarah d1898
Bowley, S.C. d1895

Brown, Albert A. d1880
Brown, Cony Parkman d2009

Brown, David Eaton d 1981
Brown, Edwin O. d1865 (son of Reuben & Nancy Brown)

Brown, Fannie F. b1881 ...
Brown, Florence M. d1961

Brown, Geoffrey Eaton d1952
Brown, Harry L. d1931

Brown, Helen B. (Wife RWB)
Brown, Katherine True d 2001
Brown, Mary d1873 (wife of James Philbrick)

Brown, Nancy d1899 (Wife of Reuben Brown)
Brown Ralph W. d1933
Brown, Reubin d1901

Buck. Orie d1980

Carleton, Benjamin, 1778-1853, His wife Prodeale? 1782-1864
Carleton, Bennie d1870 (son of B.H. & A.H. Carleton)

Carleton, E.M. d1869
Carleton, Jedidiah? d1897
Carleton, Julia A. b1810 d1893 (wife of E.M. Carleton)
Carleton, Julia M. d1876 (daughter of B.H. & A.H. Carleton)
Carleton, Sarah G. d1897

Carter, Florence d1892 (wife of Alonzo A. Carter)

Carver, Rufus C. d1873

Chitman, Edwin F. d1877

Clough, Elizabeth C. b1859 d1909
Clough, Olive B. d1977 ( wife of Tileston B. Noyes)

Coding, Adella F. d1935 (wife of Henry Coding)
Coding, Henry C. d1923

Cole, Asa b1795 d1884
Cole, Charles E. d1862 (Son of Asa & Martha Cole)
Cole, Drucilla Metcalf d1924 (wife of Henry Martin Cole)

Cole, Florence d1892 (wife of Alonzo A. Carter)
Cole, Henry Martin d1890
Cole, Martha d1880 (wife of Asa Cole)

Conden, Charlie b1859 d1860
Condon, Jennie d1874

Condon, Susana d1880

Coombs, Florence Bartlett b1879 d1966
Coombs, Leroy P. b1891 d1963

Coose, Edwin B Coose d1898
Coose, Howard B. Coose d1949
Coose, Margaret F. Coose b1834 d1912
Coose, Philip Hoffman d1882

Conant, Ellen L. (wife of Frank Conant)
Conant, Frank P. d1899

Cotton, David d. 1869

Cox, Rev. Ebenezer d1849
Cox, Margaret? d1844 (wife of Rev. Ebenezer Cox)

Crabtree, Abijah d. 1915
Crabtree, Cyntha d. 1861
Crabtree, David d1859

Crabtree, Delia d. 1874
Crabtree, Eleazer d. 1854
Crabtree, Louise d. 1894
Crabtree, Melatiah d1858 (wife of David)

Crabtree, Martha d. 1865
Crabtree, Sam d. 1865
Crabtree, Sarah d. 1870

Crane, Albert B. d1867
Crane, Amanda B. d1907 (wife of Albert B.)
Crane, Boyce d1860 *

Crane, Betsey d1814 (Wife of Calvin Crane)
Crane, Betsey d1875 (Wife of Boyce Crane)
Crane, Calvin d1843
Crane Caroline M. d1820 (Daughter of Boyce and Betsey Crane)
Crane, Freddy d1856 (son of Albert & Amanda Crane)

Crane, Lord Alford d1840 (son of Boyce and Betsey Crane)
Crane, Lydia A. d1849 Daughter of Boyce and Betsey Crane.

Crane, Silas S. d1818 (Son of Boyce and Betsey Crane)

Crocket, Margaaret b1809 d1897 (wife of Enos Crocket)

Daggett, Catharine d1825

Dakin, Dr. Moses b1794 d1864

Darling, Laura Keene d1966

Davidson, Christopher P. d1903 (husband of Mary)
Davidson, Mary E. b1831 d1915 (wife of Christopher)

Drake, Mary Olive d1948 wife of Alden P. Allen #
Drury, Julia S. (dau. of Arthur S. Harwood & Elizabeth)

Dudly, Carol E. d1984

Dunton, Abner d. 1858 *
Dunton, Abner d.1911 *
Dunton, Abner A. d1927
Dunton, Abner F. d1932
Dunton, Aubrey W. d1924

Dunton, Caroline M. d. 1855
Dunton, Charles d. 1960
Dunton, Dellora, d. 1848
Dunton, Hannah, d. 1876
Dunton, Isaac, d. 1852
Dunton, John B. d. 1864
Dunton, Laurine d. 1852
Dunton, Mary Thresa d1928

Dunton, Mildred d. 1973
Dunton, Seldom d. 1890 *
Dunton, Susanna d1876

Eaton, Josephine V. d1971 (wife of Harold W. Eaton)

Elliott, Alma Lee d1966
Elliott, George Roy b1883 d1963

Elliott, Richard Lee d1915

Ferguson, Cornelia B. d1907

Fish, Able d1855
Fish, Agness E. b1881 d1941 (wife of William Fish)

Fish, Alice A. d1939
Fish, Church d1873
Fish, Dexter A. d1873 (Son of Simon & Orinda B. Fish)
Fish, Elmira b1805 d1833 (Wife of Church Fish)
Fish, Elwyn C. d1925

Fish, Laura Elwyna d1974 (daughter of Elwin C. and Nellie Sibley Fish)
Fish, Nellie W. d1919 ( Wife of Elwyn C. Fish)
Fish, Margarett A. d1854
Fish, Kingsbury R. d1933

Fish, Orindia d. 1899
Fish, Sarah d. 1841
Fish, Simon d. 1887
Fish, Alice d1939 (wife of Sidney Fish)
Fish, William d1938

Fuller, Catharine S. d1890 (wife of Hezekiah P. Fuller)
Fuller, Hezekiah P. d1902
Fuller, Noah d1857

Fuller. Reliance d1864 (Wife of Noah Fuller)

Gilkey, Betsey d1869 (wife of John)
Gilkey, John d1863?
Gilkey, Martha d1838 (dau of John & Sarah)
Gilkey Mary d1857 (Wife of James P. Safford)

Gilkey, Sarah d1849 (wife of John)

Gillis, Ronald A. b1915 d1957, Enna V. (wife) b1915 d2006 & Ronald Jr.d1965

Gilmore, Margaret d1894 (wife of Simon C. Hewett)
Gilmore, Ruth B. d1834

Gushee, Carrie Amanda d1874 (dau of Fredrick & Carrie Gushee)
Gushee, Carrie A. d1874 (dau of Fred & Carrie)
Gushee, Fredrick A. b1825 d1890

Handley, Henry d1863
Handley, Mary C. d1874
Handley, Mary E. d1908 (wife of Simon L. Handley)

Handley, Simon L. d1882

Harriman, Elizabeth Crabtree d1958 (wife of Samuel Evander Wentworth)

Harwood, Arthur S. d1954)
Harwood Elizabeth d1974
Harwood, John d1867
Harwood, Julia d1937

Harwood, Lydiaana T. d1828 (dau of Rufus & Loann Harwood)
Harwood, Lucy d1905 (dau. John & Mary)
Harwood, Lydia M. Harwood d1849?&&
Harwood, Mary d1848
Harwood, Lyman d1892

Harwood, Nancy J. Harwood d1854&&
Harwood, Raymond H. d1923(son of Arthur S. Harwood & Elizabeth)

Harwood, Richard1810
Harwood, Rufus d1863
Harwood, Samual R. d1915

Harwood,Sarah Nason d1881
Harwood, Soloman d1846
Harwood, William D. d1833 (son of Richard & Love Harwood)

Heal, Albert E. d1959

Heal, Eliza Barrett d1886
Heal, Enoch d1871

Heal, Ephram H. d1900
Heal, Harriet d1843 (wife of Enoch Heal)

Heal, Isaac D. d1910
Heal, James d1876
Heal, James A. d1918
Heal, Louisa A. d1860
Heal, Mary E. d1859 (Dau of Enoch & Harriet Heal)

Heal, Sarah B. d1893
Heal, Susan Wentworth d1933

Heller, Mary Payson d1975 (wife of Theodore Heller)

Hewett, Esther J. d1838, Dau of John and Esther Hewett
Hewett, Esther W. d1884 (wife of John Hewett)
Hewett?, James D1829 (son of Henry & Sally)
Hewett, John d1869
Hewett, Margaret d1894
Hewett, Rufus G. d1840 (son of William and Sarah Hewett)
Hewett, Saml. G. d1861
Hewett, Sarah d1837 (wife of William Hewett d1826)

Hewett, Sarah d1871
Hewett, Simon C. d1908
Hewett, William d1826 (husband of Sarah Hewett d1838)

Hewett, Capt. Wm d1865

Hilt, Albert L. d1868 son of Peter & Nancy O. Hilt
Hilt, Daniel d1869
Hilt, John d1838
Hilt, John Jr. d1869
Hilt, Joseph C. d1890

Hilt, Lydia T. d1818 (wife of John Hilt d1838)
Hilt, Margaret d1897 (wife of Enos Crocket)

Hilt, Peter d1845
Hilt, Rhoda d1856 (wife of William Hilt)

Hilt, Ruth A. d1879 (wife of John Hilt Jr. )
Hilt, Stephen d1870

Hilt , Susan d1871 (wife of Daniel Hilt)
Hilt, William d1868

Hobbs, Alice M. d1876 (dau. of James P. & Nancy M. Hobbs)
Hobbs, Elizabeth C.d1974 (wife of Arthur S. Harwood)
Hobbs, Emeline M. d. 1874
Hobbs, Henry d. 1867
Hobbs, Ira F. d. 1865
Hobbs, James P. d1904
Hobbs, J. Hiram d1902

Hobbs, Josiah d. 1874
Hobbs, Mary E. d1808 (wife of D. Agustus Payson)

Hobbs, Micah d. 1842 *
Hobbs, Nan (Wife of C.A. Bills) d1887
Hobbs, Nancy d. 1859
Hobbs, Nancy Miller d1907 (wife of James P. Hobbs)
Hobbs, Olive B. d1913

Hobbs, Polly d. 1831
Hobbs, Sally d. 1885
Hobbs, Sarah d. 1872
Hobbs, Sarah d1905 (wife of Guilford M. Payson)

Hofman, Margaret E. Coose b1898 d1991 (wife of Phillip Hoffman
Hofman, Phillip b1898 d1982 (Husband of Margaret E. (Coose) Hofman

Hopkins, Edward J. d1863

Jones, Eliza d1839

Keene, Ansel d1920
Keene, Victoria P. d1905 (Wife of Ansel Keene)

Kleene, Alice Cole d1945
Kleene, Gustav Adolph d1946

Kendal, Jane Safford d1884

Kenniston, Hannah E. d1898 (Wife ofJames P. Safford)

Kenyon, Bertha Payson Kenyon d1899 (wife of John H. P. Kenyon)

Kimball, Cora F. d1895 (wife of Emery A. Kimball)
Kimball, Emery d. 1932

Knowlton, Alice L. Knowlton d1938

Knowlton, Walter d1938 (on side of Edwin L. Lovett's stone?

Leadbetter, Matthew d1855

Ladd, Emilee 1958-1958
Ladd, Leslie L. 1914-1973
Ladd, Marguerite 1917-1962

Light, Clara A. d1937(wife of E.E. Light 1897- 1937)
Light, DEA Wm. d1863
Light, Francis W. d1863
Light, Rebecca d1887 (wife of DEA Wm. Light)

Litchfield, Alden F d1911
Litchfield, Eva d1952 (wife of artist L. Pease)
Litchfield, Mary B. b1836 d1924 (wife of Alden F Litchfield)

Lovett, Caroline A. d1893 (wife of Edwin)
Lovett, Edwin L. d1869

Lovett, Elbridge H. d1849 (son of Ephraim & Sophia)
Lovett, Ephraim d1856

Lovett, Sophia d1860 (wife of Ephraim)
Lovett, Sophia d1830 (dau Ephraim & Sophia)

Ludwig, Ellen Thurlow d1961
Ludwig, Raymond Edward d2000

Mank, Amanda d1883 (wife of Soloman Mank)

Manley, Eliza A. d1878 (wife)
Manley, Ellen Manley Upham d1921
Manley, Hosea B. b1858 d1899
Manley, Seth d1890

Manning, Emely d1841 (dau of John&Emely Manning)
Manning, John d1859
Manning, John d1841 (son of John&Emely Manning)
Manning, Joseph d1851 (son of John&Emely Manning)
Manning, Lydia d1844 (dau of John&Emely Manning)

                         NO STONES FOUND:
Manning, Lydia T. d1843, (dau. of Parl & Mary Richards), d. Dec. 2, 1843 aet 38 yrs.
Manning, Martill d 1859. Nov 15, aet 21 yrs 6 mos)

Mansfield, Bertie d1877
Mansfield, Clara A. d1937 (wife of D.H.Mansfield)
Mansfield, D.H. d1895
Mansfield, Ferdinand d1923
Mansfield, Forest d1903

Mansfield, Harold d1912
Mansfield, Harry d1874

Mansfield, Julia d1911
Mansfield, Priscilla b1803 (wife of S.P. Mansfield)
Mansfield, Saml P. d1879

Mansfield, Unknown

Mathews, Arthur P. d1867 (Son of B.F. & Emily L. Mathews) From the side of B.F. Mathews stone.
Matthews, Lavinia S. d1871 (wife of), Levi Mathews)
Mathews, B.F. d1885

Mathews, B. F.
Mathews, E.L.
Mathews, Emily L. (wife of B. F. Mathews)
Mathews, Frankie N. d1876. (Son of B.F. & Emily L. Mathews) From the side of Side of B.F. Mathews stone.

Mathews, George A. d1867 (Son of B.F. & Emily L. Mathews)
Mathews, Levi d1901
Mathews, May L. d1895 (dau Levi & Rachel Mathews)
Mathews, Preston d1867 (Son of B.F. & Emily L. Mathews)
Mathews,Sidney P. d1868 (Son of B.F. & Emily L. Mathews) From the side of Side of B.F. Mathews stone.
Mathews, Winfield F. d1867 (Son of B.F. & Emily L. Mathews)

McFarland, Lydia

Melvin, Benjamin F. d 1888
Melvin, Lousannah d1846 (Wife of Benjamin F. Melvin)
Melvin, Susan d1903 (Wife of Benjamin F. Melvin)

Meservey, Harriet A. d1920 (wife of Fernando S. Philbrick)

Metcalf, Abijah T. d1878
Metcalf, Albert J. d1858 (Son of Jesse & Deborah Metcalf)

Metcalf, Arriston d1848 (son of Abijah and Lucy)
Metcalf, Argil L. d1869 (son of John and Lucy)
Metcalf, Austin R. d1850 (son Thurston & Sarah)
Metcalf, David J. d1827 age 12 days (Child of Charlotte & Jesse Metcalf Jr.)
Metcalf, Deborah d1839 (wife of Jesse Metcalf)

Metcalf, Elioenai d1919 (dau, Thurston & Sarah)
Metcalf, Harriet A. d1825 age 5 days (Child of Charlotte & Jesse Metcalf Jr.)

Metcalf, Hudson H. d1869
Metcalf, Jesse d1868

Metcalf, John T. d1872
Metcalf, Lauraett d1865 (dau of Abijah & Lucy)
Metcalf, Louisa d1882 (wife of Jesse Metcalf)

Metcalf, Lucy d1906 (wife of John)
Metcalf, Lucy L. d1863 (wife of Abijah T.)
Metcalf, Marcellus d1919
Metcalf, Mary K. d1930 (wife of Marcellus Metcalf)

Metcalph, Nellie M. d1880 (wife Ferd? L. Mansfield)
Metcalf, Sarah d1865 (wife of Thurston)
Metcalf, Thurston d1878

Milnes, Annie E. d1942 (wife of Eugene P. True)

Miller, Nancy d1907 (wife of James P. Hobbs)

Morse, Frances Weaver d1922
Morse, Nancy R. d1841

Muzzy, Joseph Jr. d1868
Muzzy, Mariah L. d1843 (wife of Joseph Muzzy Jr.)

Nason, Sophronia d1850 (Wife of Abram Nason)

Newton, Arthur V. d1985
Newton, Wilma True d1992 (wife of Arthur V. Newton)

Noyes, Fred d1861 (son of Tileston & Louisa)
Noyes, Georga A. d1865 (dau. John & Rachel)
Noyes, John A. d1890

Noyes, Mary d1861
Noyes, Olive B. d1977 ( wife of Tileston B. Noyes)

Noyes, Rachel d1914 (wife of John A.Noyes)
Noyes, Simon d1863
Noyes, Tileston B. d1953

Parker, Allison d1884
Parler, Emma d1861 (Daughter of M. D. Parker & S.A. Parker)

Parker, Mighill D. Parker d1860
Parker, Orlando E. d1861(Son of M. D. Parker & S.A. Parker)

Parker, Roscoe G. d1839 (Child of Allison & Sarah Parker)
Parker, Sarah d1895
Parker, S.A. d1901
Parker, Susanna D. d1816 (Child of Allison & Sarah Parker)

Parkman, Sarah d1888 (wife of Thos. Bartlett)

Payson, Albert
Payson, Alfred d1898 AE 2 months)
Payson, Ailouse? d1916

Payson, Asa d1878
Payson, Ava L. d1888

Payson, D. Augustus d1889
Payson, Bertha d1899 (wife of John H. P. Kenyon)
Payson, Carter N. d1843

Payson, Charles d. 1917
Payson, Dorothy S. d1867 (wife of Carter N. Payson)

Payson, E. Alfred d1903
Payson, Edmond Josiah

Payson, Edna d. 1968
Payson, Eleanor d. 1943
Payson, Elbridge G. d1840

Payson, Ephriam d. 1877
Payson, Frank F. d1942

Payson, Frank M. d1966
Payson Guilford M. d1905

Payson, Guilford WWII Vet d1996
Payson, Hannah d1868
Payson, Harriet d. 1927
Payson, Hazel Libby d1997 (Wife of Frank M. Payson

Payson, Henry d. 1950
Payson, Jesse d1814
Payson, Julia H. d1926

Payson, Lelia Taylor d1927
Payson, Lois H. d1910
Payson, Mary E. Hobbs b1829 d1908 (wife of D. Augustus Payson)

Payson, Nancy b1805 d1877
Payson, Nellie R. d1916 ( wife of Frank F. Payson)

Payson, Capt Noyes d. 1853
Payson, Polly d. 1869
Payson, Sanborn Hull d1927
Payson, Sarah Hobbs d1905 (wife of Guilford M. Payson)

Payson, Washburn P. d1829

Pease, Eva d1952 (wife of artist L. Pease)

Pearse, Joshua d. 1865
Pearse, Lucy d. 1902
Pearse, Mary Jane d. 1859
Pearse, William C. d. 1907

Pendleton, Betsey d. 1859 (wife of Job Pendleton) *
Pendleton, Crandall d. 1853
Pendleton. Eliza d1823? (daughter of Capt. Wm Pendleton & Prisilla? Pendleton?)
Pendleton, James W. d1827 (Son of Job & Betsey Pendleton)

Pendleton, Job d. 1847 *
Pendleton, Laura A. d1858 dau. of Job & Betsey Pendleton
Pendleton, Lena Bell d1868 (Dau. of Freeman & Sarah M. Pendleton)

Pendleton, Mary d. 1846
Pendleton, Oliver d. 1843 *
Pendleton, Priscilla b1803 (wife of S.P. Mansfield)
Pendleton, Priscilla d1838 (wife of Capt. William Pendleton)
Pendleton, Rolando Servilius d1845 (son of Joseph T. & Mary E. Pendleton)

Pendleton, Statira d1837 (wife of Ephraim Pendleton & Dau of Lemuel & Grace Rich)
Pendleton, Wm. d. 1856 *

Philbrick, Eben d1874
Philbrick. Erastus W. d1850 (son of Ebenezer & Julia Philbrick)
Philbrick, Fernando S. d1936 (civil war vet)
Philbrick, Henry M. d1892
Philbrick, Harriet A. d1920 (wife of Fernando S. Philbrick)

Philbrick, James
Philbrick, Julia A. d1888 (wife of Eben. Philbrick)

Philbrick, Mary Brown d. 1873
Philbrick, Moses Philbrick d1850

Pierce, Alton Leroy husband of Marian Alley born 1916

Preble, Baby

Prescott, Royal d1845 &
Prescott, Susan d1864 (Wife of Royal Prescott)

Quinn, Carrie B. d1924
Quinn, Cordelia d1911 (Wife of Floriston J. Quinn)
Quinn, Floriston J. d1899
Quinn, Willoughby W. d1927

Rankin, Adelia infant dau. of Wm. & Eliza Rankin
Rankin, Eliza J. d1861 (wife of Wm. H. Rankin) & Adelia their infant dau.

Rich, Lemue d1864 & Grace d1871
Rich, Statira d1831 (wife of Ephraim Pendleton & Dau of Lemuel & Grace Rich)

Richards, Lydia T. d1843 (dau of Earl? & Mary Richards)
Richards, Margaret d1841?
Richards, Mary ae 76yr.

Richenburg, Mildred Louise d2000 (wife of True, Edward Keene True)

Robbins, Christopher d. 1860
Robins, Margaret H. d1947

Robbins, Mary d. 1878
Robbins, Noyes d1860 son of Christopher & Mary Robbins
Robins, Wallace K. d1963

Rollins, Edward d1856
Rollins, Mary d1868 (dau of Betsey & Edward)

Safford, Delphis d1858
Safford, Elisha d1868
Safford. Enoch P. d1811

Safford, Hannah E. d1898 (Wife ofJames P Safford)
Safford, James P. d1881
Safford, Katharine H. d1868 (Wife of Reuben Safford)

Safford, Mary d1857 (Wife of Reuben Safford)
Safford, Reuben d 1853
Safford, Reuben Jr. d1846
Safford. Sarah d1804
Safford, Sarah d1854 (Wife of James P. Safford)

Scott, William S. d1834, age 1yr 6mo (son of Theodore & Sally Scott)

Shaw. Mary H. d1869 (Wife of Ebin Shaw)

Sherman, Charles d1856
Sherman, Susan d1873 (wife of Charles Sherman)
Sherman, Thaddeus d1856

Sibley, Charlotte A. d1904 (wife of Jacob Sibley)
Sibley, Elvira C. d1867 Dau. of Jacob & Charlotte A. Sibley)
Sibley, Jacob d1893
Sibley, Nellie W. d1919 ( Wife of Elwyn C. Fish)

Simmons, Emma C. d1975 (wife of Herbert O. Simmons)
Simmons, Hazel J. d1897
Simmons, Herbert O. d1929
Simmons, Isabel T d 1904

Simons, John

Smith, George M. d 1817 (son of Lyman & Martha Smith)

Smith , Lyman W d1847
Smith, Martha A. d1829 d1829 (dau of Lyman & Martha Smith)

Snow, Emma F. d1863 dau. of Allonzo & Ervilla Snow
Snow, Ervilla d1849 (wife of Alonzo)

Sweetland, James d1858
Sweetland, Mabel d1846 (wife of Stephen Sweetland)
Sweetland, Mary d1888 (Wife of James Sweetland)
Sweetland, Mary R. d1849 (daughter of James and Mary Sweetland)

Sweetland, Ruth d1842(daughter of James and Mary Sweetland)
Sweetland, Ruth d1873
Sweetland, Sarah W. d1862
Sweetland, Stephen d1856

Sweetland, Susan D. d1837 (Wife of Josiah H. Sweetland)

Taylor Elcy L. d1836 dau of Jones & Lucinda Taylor
Taylor, Flora b1853 d1923

Taylor, Luella d1938 (wife of Westbra H. Bartlett)
Taylor, Marcellus F. d1918

Taylor, Marcus G. d1918
Taylor?, Prentis? b1848?

Taylor, Rosco d1858 infant child of Jones & Angeline
Taylor, Rosetta J. d1931 (wife of Marcus G. Taylor)
Taylor?, Selena? b1815?

Taylor, Sylvester d1865, Co. G. 19th rgt. Me. vols.

True, Alice Wadsworth d1978 (wife of Elmer LaForest True)
True, Alma Katharine d 1985 (wife of Osmond Smalley? True).
True, Annie E. d1942 (wife of Eugene P. True)
True, Edward d. 1871
True, Edward A. d1919 - Colonel U.S. VOLS.)
True, Edward Keene d2007
True, Edward Payson d1987
True, Elmer LaForest d1976
True, Eugene P. d1940

True, Fortuna C. d1879
True, Frances P. d1947
True, Herbert A. d1879
True. Jane M. d1915 (wife of Edward True)
True, John d. 1858 *
True, Katherine B. d1955
True, Laforest P. d1941
True, Laura Keene d1966

True, Olive d. 1886 *
True, Osmond Smalley d1979
True, Robert Payson d1917 (son of E. Payson&Laura K. True)
True, Rosa Mary d1906 (Daughter of Edward and Jane M. True)
True, Family Monument


Unknown, Amanda M.
Unknown, Ella V. d1850 @ 13 ds. & Ellen V. d1851
Unknown, Frances S. ??? daughter of ??? d1850
Unknown, Hewett???

Unknown, Ja????
Unknown, Laura E.

Unknown, Leon
Unknown, Father of Leon
Unknown, Mother of Leon

Unknown, Lucy J.
Unknown, Milton d1829 @ 3mos. Harriet d183?8 @ 1 day
Unknown, Mother Father
Unknown, Vianda

Upham, Ezekiel d1897
Upham, Mary C. d1884 (wife of Ezekiel)
Upham, Mary d1863 (dau of Mary & Ezekiel)


Varney , Nellie R. d1916 ( wife of Frank F. Payson)

Vinal, Ann M. d1871
Vinyl, Rossilla M. d1871 (dau. of William & Ann M. Vinyl)

Vinal, Wiliam B. d1883

Wade, Mary Safford d1843 (dau of Alfred & Sarah) AE 1 yr 5 mo 1 d.

Wadsworth, Amy L. d1933 (wife of Randall E. Wadsworth).
Wadsworth, Randall E. d1927.

Weaver, Grace D. d1958
Weaver, Lillian A.d1959

Weed, ???red d1820 (??? of Saili? Weed) (??? of ??? Pendleton)
Adam Weed d1873

Wellman, Wilder 1828-1907

Wentworth, Adeline d1884 (wife of Ward Wentworth)
Wentworth, Augusta d1913
Wentworth, Betsey C. d1855 (wife of Ward Wentworth)
Wentworth, Cynthia M. d1879
Wentworth, Elizabeth d1953 (wife of Samuel Evander Wentworth)
Wentworth, Ella M. (Gilmore) d1909 in Boston & Leslie A. d1892

Wentworth, Franklin (Son of Samuel Jr. .& Olive C. Wentworth

Wentworth, George C. b1855
Wentworth, Helen P. (wife of RCW) d1974
Wentworth, Leonidas
Wentworth, Lemuel d1859

Wentworth, Lizzie J. d1862 (dau of Morgan & Maria Wentworth)
Wentworth, Mary d1851 (Wife of Sion Wentworth)
Wentworth, Martin S. d1860 (son of Morgan & Maria Wentworth)
Wentworth, Nancy d1899 (Wife of Reuben Brown)

Wentworth, Nellie C. d1928 (wife of George C. Wentworth)
Wentworth, Olive C. d1921 (wife of Saml. Wentworth)

Wentworth, Philip L. (son of RCW) d2010
Wentworth,Ralph C. d1970
Wentworth, Rufus 4th Maine - civil war

Wentworth, Samuel Wentworth d1857
Wentworth, Samuel Evander d1948
Wentworth, Sarah d1871 (wife of Samuel Wentworth)

Wentworth, Sion d1843
Wentworth, Saml. d1886

Wentworth, Sophronia E. d1862 (dau of Morgan & Maria Wentworth)
Wentworth, Ulysses D. d1865 (son of Morgan & Maria Wentworth)

Wentworth, Ward d1879
Wentworth, W. H.

Wentworth, William A. d1865 Killed at Haiches Run Va.

White, Corinne J. d1966

Whiting, Lucy d1860 (on the side of the Dakin stone)
Whiting, Mary S d1827

Wiley, Arthur F. d1882
Wiley, Belle C. d1936
Wiley, Eliza E. d1890 (wife of Joseph Wilely d1898)

Wiley, F. Earl d1935
Wiley, Fredrick E d1920
Wiley, Joseph d1898

Wiley, Joseph F. d1923
Wiley, Nancy G. d1848 & Wiley, Nancy H. d1839 - Wives of Joseph Wiley d1898
Wiley, Nellie F. ( wife of Fredrick) d1960
Wiley, Oacar A. d1885
Wiley, Parker E. d1895

Wilkins, J.L. d1908
Wilkins, Nellie E. d1930 (wife of J. L. Wilkins)

Wooster. Margaret F. d1898 (Wife of John H. Wright)

Woster, Ella L. d1891 (wife of Orris B. Woster)
Woster, Ellen M. d1906
Woster, Henry E. d1941
Woster, Nellie M. d1904

Wright, Charles A. d1901
Wright, Flora May d1952 (wife of William Barrett)
Wright, John H. d1941
Wright, Margaret d1898 (Wife of John H. Wright)

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