Various Articles Concerning the History of Hope, Maine

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Highlights collected by Bill Jones 2007
1886 history, from A Gazetteer of the State of Maine
History from 1985 Courier-Gazette May 23. 1985
Town has seen 4 counties, from 1985 Courier-Gazette May 23, 1985
Building a town church, from the 1985 Courier-Gazette May 23, 1985
A coming of age, from the 1985 Courier-Gazette May 23, 1985
The Payson Barn. Presented at the HHS by Bill Jones 11/19/2002
History of Hope as written for the Hope Chronicle 2000 Census
Facing Hatchet Mountain
Apples in Hope

Dairying in Hope
Wild Blueberries in Hope
First medical doctor in Hope
The great depression
World War II
Union Chemical Company
Christmas trees in Hope
History of the canning factory by By Karen Blanchard.
Margaret Sprowl Recalls The Good Life as told to Melissa Berry
Memories of Aubrey Lester Pearse
History from a cookbook
The Hunters of Hope "Corners"