Compiled by: Frank M. Willis)

Picture taken in late May 2008 long after the grange closed.

South Hope Grange #219 (No 1)
In 1876 the people of South Hope and East Union, which at that time consisted mostly of farmers or related professions, decided they needed something to help elevate and educate the people of the community. So on March 27,1876, after much consideration our Grange was organized. This was an order of Patrons of Husbandry, which was in the first years of being. The Grange was organized as South Hope Grange #219 by Worthy County Deputy Nahum Thurston with 35 Charter members. The first Officers were:

Master        Robert A Martin Treasurer L R Daniels
Overseer Guilford St Clair Secretary C E Dunbar
Lecturer William J Allen       Ceres       Mrs R A Masters
Steward Thadeus Hastings Pomona Eva St Clair
Asst Steward B G Mitchell Flora        Laura Daniels
Chaplain A M Crabtree LA Stewart Mrs C A Jones

The first meeting was voted to be held on the last Tuesday before the full moon of each month. The first meetings were held in Brother Mortin's Hall for $1.00 per night and privileges of standing horses in Hotel stables.

In 1877 started having trouble with members about their dues. From March 12, 1878 to March 25, 1880 there apparently was no grange. At this time it must be understood that the Grange had members from East Union as well as South Hope. They must have had a falling out because on March 25, 1880 it was voted to move to East Union.

On April 17, 1883 it was voted to change the name of the Grange from South Hope to Pioneer Grange #219. The first voting under the new name was held June 4,1883.

South Hope Grange #318 (No 2)
On March 26,1894 South Hope Grange #318 was organized by Worthy Deputy 0 H Mansfield of Hope with 23 Charter Members. The first Officers were:

Master         Daniel J Bowley Treasurer Annie Dunbar
Overseer Herbert L Hastings Secretary Elmer St. Clair
Lecturer Mamie Howard Gate Keeper        Levi Merrifield
Steward Ernest Lermond Pomona Laura Bowley
Asst Steward Connie Payson Flora       Ida St. Clair
Chaplain Nora Fisk       Ceres       May Hilt
LA Steward Kate Payson

Meetings held March 1894 Fiske Hotel November 1894 Taylor Hall In December of 1894 Grange voted Pine Cone as the State Flower.

Listed below are some of the interesting things from past records.

April 30, 1894 Bought an organ for $40.00
September 1895 Went by oxen to Oakland Park for dinner
1895 Bought a setae for $1.62
Rented hall from M F Taylor for 3 months for $6.50
Bought 2 feet of fire wood for $1.00
Bought 18 chairs from OJ Bowley for $9.00
1901 Bought supplies from M F Taylor & Son
1/2 lb coffee .15
Cookies       .24
Sugar       .06

April 22, 1903 Met in the vestry of the Universalist Church.
February 10, 1904 Met in the new hall for the first time.

June 1922 Bought supplies from Fisk & Pushaw General Merchandise

½ Ib coffee        $.13
2 cans milk .15
2 loaves bread .26

1922 Wired hall for electricity
1926 Made benches for the dinning room
June 30, 1930 made first payment on the hall

Present Hall use to be Paint Shop and Blind Factory for the Cooper Factory and set on the bank of the river near the dam. Purchased from William Fisk for $650.00 and was on State Highway 101 May 17, 1930.

June 1945 Shingled east side of hall cost $134.06
May 1945 Had a play to pay the dues for the boys in the Service
January 26, 1949 George Parker of the Mt Pleasant Grange gave us stands for our staves.
September 1953 Installed Fire escape
June 8, 1956 Purchased Lamp and 8 fixtures from H H Cries for $123.53
November 2, 1955 Borrowed $650.00 at 3% for furnace
From October 22, 1954 to May 2, 1956 profits from dances $1338.58
June 19, 1956 made final payment on furnace
October 1959 poured new cement steps at back door
March 1961 Fixed over and painted the kitchen
1961 shingles west side of hall roof
1962 May 1962 Hope Fire Dept donated fire extinguisher for use of community
1963 May 1962 Gave Henry Rogers permission to put ditch around hall to his house for water
December 1962 Graveled drive way $25.50
June 1971 had new front steps built $40.00
Having trouble getting enough members to attend meetings, on December 4, 1971 voted to consolidate with East Union Grange.
Had a special meeting with Worthy Master of State Grange attending and discussed what would happen if we consolidated. Decided to give it one more try and see if we could keep our Grange going. Got busy and got new members and reinstatements and did out best. Since then have been having weekly meetings with good attendance.

On May 10, 1975, started having flea markets every weekend. From May 10,1975 to October 1975 have made over $1000.00 which was our goal.

On October 15, 1975 had election of officers:

Master        John Crabtree       Treasurer   Marion Hart
Overseer Harry Merrifield Secretary   Florance Merrifield
Lecturer Jane Mitchell       Gate Keeper    Kevin Dow
Steward Henry Hastings       Ceres           Dorothy Hastings
Asst Steward John Willis              Pomona    Marion Merrifield
L A Steward Susan Pushaw       Flora           Hattie Hall
Chaplain Sally Willis             Ex Comm 1976 William Carver

Total Membership October 15, 1975 42 Charter Members
The Grange Closed in 1985, with Members going to East Union or Hope.


(From History of Hope Maine by Anna Simpson Hardy Page 152)

South Hope Grange

The organization of the North Knox Fair Association also created an interest in other organizations which could be of help to farmers. On March 27, 1876, after much consideration, South Hope Grange # 219 was organized for interested people from South Hope and East Union.

The Granges, officially Patrons of Husbandry, were organized shortly after the Civil War in the mid-west by farm groups, to have a unified voice in combating some of the practices of the large railroad interests. They spread to the Northeast a decade later and built a large membership on the basis of social, legislative, and educational programs. A fraternal-type organization with its own ritual, the Grange did much to benefit farmers during this period through unified action.