Fish Home, Hope Maine

Comments from a meeting of the Hope Historical Society in 2010: Residence of Mr. Fish @ Hope Corner known as the Fish Place. If that is truly Abner Dunton in the picture the date should be around 1910. Person shown may be Mr. Fish, not "Abner Dunton age 103 at his home" as per caption. Laura Fish, who moved to Rockland, owned house through 1940s. Rented to many teachers. Harvey Kimball rented & lived there. Robert Athearn married Mary Fish, 1837.

Webmaster: The picture on the right is a portion of the original at full definition, supplied by the Penobscot Marine Musuem after the above paragraph was written. It does not appear to be Abner Dunton, in the picture:
1. The hat appears to be smaller than Abner's hat. Click
here for a picture of Abner's hat.
2. In a second 1907
picture Abner was clean shaven, as he was in a much earlier picture.
3. On the other hand, John Fish, the owner of the above house was had a white beard in this

I conclude that the man in the picture is probably John Fish and that the date the picture was taken was around 1910. Perhaps the photographer was told about the 103 year old Abner or perhaps met him and somehow concluded that he was the old man in the picture. I will label all pictures that appear to have been taken around the same period of time with that probable date.


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