Hope Corner Store 1852

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References to the above people found elsewhere in this web site.

Mr. Jones the fiddler (Possibly Robert Jones http://www.hopehist.com/Himages/HP561.html)
John Henry Hewitt
Orison Bartlett
Lyman Smith            http://www.hopehist.com/Himages/HP526.html
Westbra Bartlett        http://www.hopehist.com/Himages/HD520.html
John A. True             http://www.hopehist.com/Himages/HP487.html
Albert Crane              http://www.hopehist.com/Himages/HP500A.html
Orrington Bills
Foss True                  http://www.hopehist.com/Himages/HD406.html
Note from Jim True dated Jan. 13, 2009: "Uncle Foss", as my father always called him, is Laforest Payson True. Yes, he started the canning factory. If you notice the labels at the historical society, the name is L.P.True.

Edward True             http://www.hopehist.com/Himages/HP526.html
King Pierce
Ira Bills
Ira Handley
Ephraim Bartlett
Daniel Bartlett            http://www.hopehist.com/Himages/HD358.html

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