South Hope Saw Mill


Comments from Donovan Bowley, May 2009:

I didn't recognize the photo of the mill in your email. Given that there were mills in South Hope on Quiggle Brook, in the outlet from Lermond Pond, on the Mill Pond in Gurneytown at Senebec Pond, McLain;s Mills, and Smith's Mills, then all in Hope or adjacent East Union, we certainly have multiple locations to choose from in Hope..

It appears to be a lumber mill, and as there isn't the necessary tall stack, not likely to have been a steam powered mill.I didn't see a millpond, though it might have been water powered via a penstock.

Taking the writing at face value, as it says South Hope, the only milling locations I know there would be either Bowley's (later, Hart's) Mill, or Fish's Mill. The dam and millpond have been prominent in the pictures of Fish's Mill, from either upstream or downstream - in addition, as far as I know, theirs was a grist mill. That leaves the Bowley/Hart mill location, possibly viewed from the eastern and downstream side. I do not know of other operations in South Hope that would have made lumber from the sort of logs in the picture.

The building looks somewhat different than any photo I have seen of Halver Hart's structure, There is a remote possibility that this is a picture of the Bowley mill.

I thought at first that it was a Cooper Shop, with, perhaps, logs waiting to go to the mill at another location. That is possible.

On Hope Street in adjacent West Rockport, there is a small dam which impounds water flowing from the hillsides between the Gillette Road and Ragged Mountain, and flowing into Grassy Pond. I do not know whether there was ever a mill there. The flow seems to be very seasonal.

Hope that these notes are of some assistance.

Best Wishes!


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