Athearn-Marriner House

Locally known as the SEARS ROEBUCK HOUSE
(From the collection of Arthur Small)

This house at Athearns corner was torn down in 1992. Lizzie Athearn (Arthur Small is her grandson) lived in the house. She was born in Hope in 1853 and lived until 1921. Her father was Ezekiel H. Athearn and her mother Lucy Jane (Pease)Athearn. John and Addie (Athearn) Marriner also lived in the house at one time.                                                                                              





This house came a a kit and was sold by both Sears Roebuck and Montgomery Ward through their catalog. The business began in Michigan in 1909.

Note from Arthur Small, October 2010

In thinking about my grandmother Lizzie Athearn-Small, my mother told me she lived in the Sears-Roebuck house when we drove by it back many years ago, but I am rather skeptical of this since my grandmother married in Lowell my grandfather Fred back in 1879 and was busy raising a family there,died and is buried there. The Sears house wasn't built until 1907 or so, and Lizzie was born 1843. She did visit the Hope/Lincolnville areas in the summer, so it is possible she could have stayed at this house for her brief visits since Addie Marriner was an Athearn. Lizzle had her own summewr cottage built in Lincolnville in 1917.
Robert Hall I am told, also lived in the Sears house. If he still alive, perhaps he can shed some light on the history.

The house across the road(recently sold) was occupied by George Athearn and his family, he was brother to Lizzie. Their mother-Lucy Jane Pease-Athearn also lived with George and his family. His wife was Sadie Pease-Athearn. It's possible this could have been the home of Ezekiel and Lucy Jane Athearn and their 8-9 children which included George and Lizzie-it would be nice to find out.

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