Second Town Office on Rt. 235
44°15.205'N 69°12.126'W

(Keene collection)

Ruins. Picture taken November 2008

It had become a problem to have the annual town meetings at the town house during March mud season, with the road running by there not yet improved or paved. The last town meeting at the old town house near Mansfield Pond was held March 13, 1943.

Fall State and National elections were still held there for two or three more years for I remember being there in 1946 and recall the lighting of the kerosene lamps at dusk. Had the road been paved sooner, the old landmark might have been saved. It had plastered walls and a raised floor like a theatre. The "necessary" was nearby.

From 1944 onward the town meetings alternated between South Hope and Hope Grange Halls, until March 1979, when the South Hope Hall became unsafe for crowds upstairs, and all meetings were held at the Hope Grange Hall. They are now held at South Hope at the new school gym. State and National elections were set up for two precincts for a number of years, one at each end of town.

(From History of Hope Maine by Anna Simpson Hardy Page 229)

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