Hope Dale Farm

Hope Dale Farm

Presently 882 Camden Road owned by Brendan Curran, the farm is located on "Safford Hill." The original piece included land on both sides of the road; land (about 25 acres) on the eastern side of the road is currently owned by Ken and Jill Blakeley. The house burned (possibly in the early 1970's,) and the barn was eventually torn down in the late 1970's. A dug well, driven artesian well, and the outline of the house foundation still remain. The artesian well is presently in use. The doorstep for the house's front door is still in place, and the driveway is still in use.

Brendan Curran November 2000

Hope Dale Farm House except for the barn burnt flat to the ground on January 6, 1959, 1-2am in the morning, coldest night of that winter season.

Flora (Belle) Bennett Lynch


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