Eugene Dunbar

pvt First Class Eugene Dunbar was with the 182nd Infantry Division Entered 1944 and was killed on Cebu Island June 18, 1945. According to John Day his commanding Officer he was killed at night during a counter attack and was hit by a machine gun. First buried on Leyte then brought home to rest 1949.

An email from Tom Hardy on May 21, 2009 contained the following:

His enlistment date was June 14, 1944 at Ft. Devens, MA. His enlistment record indicates 2 yrs HS and work as manufacture of misc. finished lumber products. April 1930 census lists him as 3-11/12 Son of Charles L. and Blanche C. A 20 year old brother John E., and a sister Edith L. (1-8/12). So he was born May 1926, was 18 at enlistment and 19 at death. The 182nd pulled out of Cebu on June 20 and left guerrilla units to deal with remaining Japanese. Cebu was a resupply base for the Japanese in their defense of the Philippines. Cebu is in the Leyte Gulf


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