Former Noyes Home. Now David Doubleday. Hatchet Mountain Road.

(Edna Payson Album, ca 1900?)

Abner Dunton (Sr.) bought the ninety acre portion of the former Horrup estate which has been purchased by Joseph Jameson in 1797, sold to Stephen Sweetland in 1802, who in turn sold it to John Nason, and Nason to Abner Dunton in 1810. He moved the small Bartlett home from the Pond shore to its present location near Hope Corner. This small house, said to be the first frame house in this part of the town, was enlarged slightly to accommodate the family but still was not adequate as the family grew to sixteen persons. Abner then built the larger home next door by 1820, which we now know as the Noyes Place. (From History of Hope Maine by Anna Simpson Hardy Page 40)

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