RFD CLUB History

October 1952, Joye Pearse decided that the young mothers in the town of Hope needed a night out. After looking around she contacted Estella Libby, Flora Smith, Margaret Wright and Ruth Pearse. These 5 ladies meet and the RFD Club was formed. Elsie Beverage joined the next week and Barbara Ludwig who is still a member joined the next week.

Margaret Morse who joined in 1961 will now read a piece that Joye wrote about the club. Margaret has been treasurer since 1962

Gen Perpall joined the club in 1953, I joined in 1964 and have been president for 38 years, Peggy Ludwig who is vice president joined in 1971, Janet Pease joined in 1980 and Dottie Kimball in 1982.

Over the years this club has had many projects. One of the projects that lasted the longest was Mrs. Santa's Party. A number of ladies were Mrs. Santa including Gen and Charlotte Pease. Until 2 years ago we voted to not hold this event but turned it over to the Student Council at Hope Elementary School. Due to the fact that the members are all getting older, we had to stop holding this event. It was too hard to go and buy the gifts.

To raise money for our projects we use to hold food sales at what is now French and Brawn. We stopped that and took on catering jobs. We started out by catering the Alumni Banquet. From there we went to birthday parties, wedding receptions, lunches and so on. Some were simple and some were very involved.

Past projects we have done are a chronicle, took part in a mock jury, held a retirement party for Hope citizens, sewing different items, gave graduation gifts, mass mailing for the town of Hope... .Town reports and secret pal.

Donald Hastings gave us a wonderful ride in his house boat on Alford Lake. One year the ice was so thick we road around Hobbs Pond in a car. We have been to Isleboro on the ferry. We held progressive suppers for many years.

NOW we send birthday, get well and baby cards to people in this end of town (we use to the whole town and then the postage went up and up and up). We changed the membership from married ladies to include nonmarried ladies. We changed the meetings from evening to day time so we could get home in the day light. We still have picnic once a year where now we include the husbands. We still have the spring or fall social and we do the cookie swap... we give cookies to elderly people or shut ins. We still help the fire dept. sent out there big mailings.

There are a number of past members of the club here. Is there anything they would like to add?

Are there any questions anyone would like to ask us. . . please feel free to do so.