Hope Historical Society

Meeting of April 17th 2013


At the Hope Corner fire station President Donovan Bowley called the first 2013 meeting to order at 7:02 PM. Also present were: speakers Fred & Hope Angier, Bob Appleby, Barbara Bentley, Joe Berry, Jean Boeckeler, Dick & Gwen Brodis, Jack Green & wife (Union), Obed Hart, Mary Ireland, Bill & Judith Jones, Elliot & Jane Mitchell, Dave & Suzie Schaub (Union) and Ron Smith.

Skipping the business meeting, we went directly to the evening's program.

Hope and Fred Angier, our new neighbors on Morey Hill Road, explained their artistic craft of interior decorating based on early American art and patterns. The art is based on New England designs from the 1750-1840 period. The key figure in its revival was Esther Stevens Brazier. The tradition has come to the Angiers through Fred's mother. It involves free-standing paintings, stenciling, murals and paintings on cabinets.

The Angiers described the movement and their own work, using slides of their Morey Hill house and of work they have done in Jefferson & Litchfield, and examples of the art itself, including a number of historic value. They focused on 5 techniques: country paint, freehand bronze painting, stenciling, bronze-powder stenciling, and adding gold leaf.

The Angiers generously invite Hope residents to see their work at their home, which is the new place, the last on the left on Morey Hill Road. It is called the upside down house because to site required viewing from the second floor where the living room, dining room, offices and kitchen are. Bedrooms and baths are on the ground floor. Their traditional (and highly energy-efficient) construction techniques were discussed, including their use of traditional unfinished wood floors, which are reported to be standing up well to use by two resident dogs.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Jones, Secretary