Hope Historical Society

                                                                Meeting of December 13th 2011


A sumptuous brunch was enjoyed by members at the Hope Historical Home starting at 9 AM Tuesday
December 13th. Present were: Bob Appleby, Donovan Bowley, Dick & Gwen Brodis, Herb Hart, Obed &
Faith Hart, Bill & Judith Jones, and Barbara Ludwig.

Shortly before 10 AM, the members were joined by music teacher Ms. Sue Bragg and the 16 members
of Hope Elementary School chorus which sang Christmas carols, both sacred and secular, both to and with
Historical Society members. Following "Now bring us some figgy pudding," both chorus and members
adjourned for further snacks. The students and Ms. Bragg left and the Historical Home was closed for the winter.

No business was conducted.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Jones, Secretary