Hope Historical Society
Minutes of December 9, 2014

Prior to President Donovan Bowley call the 9:00 a.m. meeting to order we participated in our pot luck Christmas
Brunch. Members present who provided breakfast casseroles, applesauce with blueberries, fruit juices, fried
potatoes, pastries, coffee, juices and hot chocolate were: Tom and Nancy Ford, Gwen and Dick Brodis, Ann and
Ron Leadbetter, Barbara Ludwig, Bob Appleby, Ron Smith, Linda Hillgrove, Obed Hart, Jane and Elliot Mitchell, Herb Hart
and Donovan Bowley.

Gwen Brodis gave the treasurer's report:
Beginning balance in checking: $2,046.19


Donations $2,150.00
Dues 235.00
Total ________

Total Expenses: $3,879.78

Check Purchase $24.42
ME Housing for Web $19.95
CMP $26.84
McIntyre Builders $3,808.57

Total in Savings: $11,122.94
Total in Checking: $51.40

During the meeting Tom Ford gave us an update on construction at Hope Historical House. Members
were invited to stop over after the meeting. The wheelchair accessible bathroom was being wired, with the meeting room well under. Volunteers are needed to paint.

Our next meeting will be held April 21, 2015.
May 19th will be the open house for the newly revamped Hope Historical House.

Respectfully submitted
Linda Hillgrove, Secretary