Hope Historical Society

Meeting of July 15th 2008


Members & guests met at Knox County Fish & Game, Beaver Lodge at 7 PM. Many members were present.

Prior to the program, President Bill Jones called a business meeting to order to consider a proposed gift of ca. 83 sq. ft. of the HHS lot in return for the possible gift of ca. 16,500 sq. ft. of land from the Town of Hope. A resolution (see text below) was moved, seconded and passed with one dissenting vote.

"Hope Historical Society agrees to give to the Town of Hope for addition to the lot on which the recently approved Hope Corner firehouse is to be built a triangle of about 83 sq. ft. of land bounded as follows:
From the pin at the southerly corner of the HHS lot and state route 105, 65.31' northerly along route 105, thence 63.77' back to the boundary between HHS property and the firehouse lot, thence along said boundary 3' to the point of origin
On condition that the Town add to the HHS lot sufficient property from the firehouse lot to bring its size from the present ca. 23,273 sq. ft. to 40,100 sq. ft., thus compliant with the 40,000 sq. ft. prescribed by Town ordinance. The property added, 16,827 sq. ft., shall be as described on a drawing of this date by Gartley & Dworsky (copy attached),
This agreement is conditional on agreement by the Town and Hope Volunteer Firemen
1) not to disturb HHS's septic system or leach field should portions of these lie on the firehouse lot and to facilitate installation of a new HHS septic system if that should become necessary, and
2) to allow HHS to post a historical sign in the site of the Hope Corner one-room school (1824-1938), now part of the firehouse lot, and to minimize disruption of the foundation stones of this defunct building to the extent feasible during construction of the firehouse and thereafter."

The business meeting was then adjourned and the program proceeded.

Knox County Fish & Game Custodian Sandy Kaler gave a tour of the premises. Betty Lou Richards, whose summer camp is next door to Beaver Lodge, then showed what the older buildings used to be used for at the time of the girl's camp. Two buildings that are now summer camps were included with permission of the owners. Betty Lou had assembled a formidable collection of artifacts, photographs and facts on Beaver Lodge Girls Camp and its origins. These are expected to be published; some have been given or lent to HHS for display on the Town Office.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Jones, Acting Secretary