The meeting was called to order by President, Juanita Hunt at 7:00 P. M. Those attending were Gwen Brodis,
Ann Leadbetter, Bill Jones, Bunny Gleason, Marie Berry, Jan Corson, Steve Corson, Jim DellaPenna, Cindy
DellaPenna, Florance Merrifield, Lewis Merrifield Emily Saladino, Peter Saladino, Donovan Bowley, Linda
Hillgrove and Guest Speakers, Peter and Eleanor Richardson,

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Members reviewed the Minutes. A motion to accept the Minutes was made by
Bunny Gleason and seconded by Florance Merrifield. The Minutes were unanimously accepted.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer, Gwen Brodis, reported Income Total: $822.57; Expenses: $814.91 and a
Balance in Savings: $17,301.58; Balance in Checking: $260.83. A motion was made to accept said report by
Florance Merrifield and seconded by Bill Jones and was unanimously accepted. Gwen informed us that she had
purchased a computer that was approved at the June 16th meeting.

OLD BUSINESS: Juanita reported the shingling is completed with a few boards replaced. Marie Berry said 13
people toured the Home when she volunteered Monday and stated the need for more volunteer greeters to fill the
Monday visitation hours from 9 A. M. to Noon.

Marie Berry will have the Yard, Bake and Craft Sale from 8 A. M. to Noon on July 27, and August 31st
 Come see the new items and enjoy Marie’s homemade pies and pastries along with Florance Merrifield’s crafts.
A motion by Linda Hillgrove to change the date for sanding, caulking and painting windows on July 20th was
seconded by Bill Jones with unanimous approval due to predicted 90+ degree temps with high humidity. We set
September 14th from 9 A. M. to 2 P. M. as the alternate date. Thanks to Rankin’s store, for donating a gallon of
paint for the project. Bring your own painting equipment, please
NEW BUSINESS; Jarvis Johnson reported to Juanita that the gasket under the garage door needs replacing
which will be installed by Roger Hunt and Juanita requested reimbursement of $24.00 for the purchase. Bill Jones
made a motion to accept and the seconded by Marie Berry which was unanimously approved.
We have a Maytag dehumidifier that works and one which does not.
Emily Saladino mentioned that Lindsay Pinchbeck would like to work with HHS members on a workshop for
families at Sweet Tree. We concluded that we would like to have Lindsay come to a meeting to discuss the details.
The August 20th meeting will be our Annual Field Trip. We will meet at 6 P. M. for a short meeting to vote on
the By Laws changes, then proceed to Wayne Twitchell’s home on 519 Barnstown Road. Wayne works with steel.
His “creatures” are in three different shops. We can carpool if desired. This field trip will be held rain or shine.
Refreshments were provided by Gwen Brodis and Marie Berry.

Bunny Gleason introduced Eleanor and Peter Richardson who presented a lively talk and reading regarding “The
ingraham Diaries, 1795-1875” which took 10 years to transcribe. The diaries are a lesson in local r\Rockland
history and family life written by Joseph Richardson and his youngest son, Peter and how it affected Hope’s

The meeting was adjourned by President, Juanita Hunt, and seconded by Donovan Bowley.
Respectfully Submitted,
Linda Hillgrove, Secretary