The Hope Historical Society was called to order at 7:05 P.M. by President, Donovan Bowley. Also present were: Gwen Brodis, Bob Appleby, Marie Berry, Nancy Ford, Paul Hart, Bob Hillgrove, Bill Jones, Judith Jones, Ann O'Jala ,Robert Morgan and Mr. Miller and Linda Hillgrove.

Secretary, Linda Hillgrove, gave the May report which was unanimously approved.

Treasurer's Report: Gwen Brodis reported the beginning balance in checking of $608.47 with income of:
Transfer from Savings ---------------------$500.00
Sales/Dues Dedication------------------------75.50
Bake Sale---------------------------------------501.00
Craft Table---------------------------------------68.00
Chronicle (2-------------------------------------16.00
Coastal Opportunity--------------------------22.26
TOTAL $1,190.76
Brookside Plumbing ---------------------- $894.03
Staples (ink & plastic sleeves) -------------70.98
Central Maine Power ------------------------23.79
TOTAL $988.80
Balance in checking: $810.43
Balance in savings: $1,624.13
The Treasurer's Report was unanimously accepted.

OLD BUSINESS: The Gold Cane was presented to Viola Fogg on June 8. Marie Berry moved to raise the HHS dues to $10.00/year or the option to have a flat $100.00 lifetime membership which was seconded and approved. Chances are still available for sale on the king size quilt made by Florance Merrifield, one dollar a ticket or six tickets for five dollars. The raffle will be held on voting day, November 9th. We thanked Paul Hart for mowing the lawn at HHS. The old safe (made by S. B. Morse of Boston) has not had a key since it came to the Historical Society. We will continue looking for other options. Bob Appleby contacted Tide Water via email regarding internet service but has not heard back from them. He will continue trying to get a response from Tide Water regarding his internet service for HHS. Mary Ireland has transcribed the Hope Road Surveyors book, and an oral history tape from Dottie Kimball: Cindy DellaPenna has transcribed Katherine True Brown's diary. These will be posted on the HHS website.

Saturday, September 26, Hope Historical will host the Come Autumn Conference of Local Mid-coast Historical Societies.

We have newly donated items: Two barristers' bookcases from Mary Ireland and a tabletop player organ from Geneva Hall as well as a bedstead made in South Hope and some photographs and news clippings from Sylvia Doughty Becker

Program Chair Report: Donovan gave us information on the upcoming meetings for 2015 as Ann Leadbetter, Program Chair, was not able to attend.

Donovan is working with the Washington Historical Society to schedule a field trip to their museum on July 21.
August 16 - Bill Jones, with the help of Mary Ireland, will speak to us about Hatchet Mountain Camp.
September 15 - The Merrifields, Game Wardens
October 20 - (Annual Meeting) - Bradley Boyd will give us history on Montpelier.
November 17 - John Boeckler - Photographs
December 8 - Annual HHS Christmas Brunch

Speaker, Richard Morgan, of Morgan's Mills presented an interesting and educational presentation on the history of the mill with photos past and present.

Bill Jones reminded us that he will pick up cans and bottles if people are unable to get them to Coastal Opportunities in Camden.

The field trip for our July 21st meeting at the Washington Historical Society Museum will meet at Hope Historical Society between noon and 12:30 PM that day and carpool to Washington Historical Society at their museum on Razorville Road, arriving there at 1 PM. That evening. Washington will be having their Annual Meeting. They are very gracious to host us that afternoon.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Hillgrove, Secretary