Keene, Coose & Quinn Family


P1043  Coose/Keene Homestead 1890's    P1044  Coose/Keene Homestead 1930's    P1045  Howard Coose Reading     P1046  Back of Coose Homestead in the 1930's     P1047 Haying in Hope-Coose/Keene Family    P1048  Mansfield School    P1049  Old Quinn Home    P1050  Haying in Hope in the 1930's    P1051 Miles Keene on Hobbs Pond in 1915  P1052 Cattle on the Side of Hatchet Mountain 1915    P1547  Quinn Brothers at the Church Street Home    P1548 Carrie Quinn    P1549 Possible Member of the Quinn Family   P1550 same   P1551 same  P1552  same