Meetings 2019:

Our May 21st meeting to be held at 7 P. M. will feature Larry Trueman, of LT Auctions, in St. George, who  will be speaking on Treasurer 
Hunting in Maine. He will be showing some of the items he has found with a metal detector. See you at the HHS home..


Officers and Committees

Pres. Juanita Hunt,
Vice pres. Cindy DellaPenna; Sect. Linda Hillgrove;
Secretary: Lindy Hillgrove
Treasure Gwen Brodis;
Nominating, Mary Island, Linda Hillgrove Bill Jones & Dovonan Bowley;
Publicity; chair Bill Jones, Dovonan Bowley, Linda Hillgrove
Programs Bunny Gleason, Bill Jones,  Gwen from appeals letters & dues;
Food Marie Berry, Ann Leadbetter;
Building Brian Cassity, Scott McIntyre;
Fund Raising: Florance Merrifield, Marie Berry, Bill Jones, Gwen Brodis;
 Finances: Gwen Brodis, Bill Pearse;
Genealogist: Cindy DellaPenna:
Website:Bob Appleby;
Archivists: Gwen Brodis & Donovan Bowley,
Memory Gardens & Grounds; Marie Berry & Linda Hillgrove
Transcriptions: Cindy DellaPenna, Mary Island, Linda Hillgrove, Ron
Smith,Bob Appleby, Veronia Westbo


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