Meetings 2018:

April 17 7pm Historical House                 - History of Knox county by Roger Moody
May 15     "          "              "                     - Boat building  by Capt. Jim Sharp
June 19     "          "              "                     - Growing up in Hope by Carol Brown Jaeger
July 17   Morning                                       - Photography studio visit by Amy WiltonThe July 17th, Tuesday,  will be a 9:30 A.M. meeting.We will meet at                                                                            the HHS home and walk or car pool to Amy Wilton's Photo Studio. Pack a lunch if you need to.
August 21                                                     - Reminder of the Tuesday, August 21st historical meeting
                                                                        starting at 7 P.M. at the Historical Society home. 
                                                                         David Smith will be discussing maple syrup production.
September 18   Morning                             - Appraisals by bruce Gamage

October 16 - Annual meeting at the Hope fire  station begins
with  a potluck supper at 6 PM.
Bring food to share and your own place setting. The business meeting at 7PM will include
election of officers for the coming year and our program at
7:30 PM. Our speaker will be Paul Miller, speaking on Forestry and Woods work.

November 13 -  7pm at the Historical House. Donovan  Bowley
will discuss water power, mills, and early midcoast settlement.

December 11 - 
9 AM at the Historical House. Annual holiday
potluck Brunch.


HHS Officers

President: Donovan Bowley
Vice President:
Jane Hart Mitchell
Linda Hillgrove
Gwen Brodis



NOMINATING Hope Chase, Bill Jones


PROGRAM Ron Smith, Bill Jones, Ann Leadbetter

HOSPITALITY & FOOD SALES Gwen Brodis, Ann Leadbetter

MEMORY GARDEN & GROUNDS Herb Hart, Barbara Carver

BUILDING  Obed Hart, Herb Hart, Ron Smith

CARDS Barbara Ludwig

FINANCE-FUND RAISING Faith Hart, Florance  Merrifield

WEBSITE Bob Appleby

ARCHIVIST: Gwen Brodis          

GENEALOGIST Florance Merrifield


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