Town Office and Environs 


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The following is taken from a February 2012 email from Donovan Bowley:

The first Town House was on Enoch Philbrick's lot (65). Its location can be found on the 1799 map of Hope drafted for the twenty associates Proprietors, by John Harkness. A copy is in the Maine State Archives.  The requirement that Barrett build a meeting house and school was stipulated on page 59 and 60 of the Deed Book of the Twenty Associates of the Lincolnshire Company in the Henry Augustus Peirce Papers at the New England Historic Genealogical Society:
   "also that he would build or cause to be built a proper and decent meeting house for Publick worship, to measure at least forty-five feet in length and thirty feet in breadth, in some suitable     place in said township with a convenient school house for the inhabitants of the same and settle a minister amongst the said Inhabitants, all of which should be done and performed by the said     Barrett within the term aforesaid [from page 59: within the space of three years from the said 8th of October of [17]85] and without any cost or charge to the said Proprietors; ----"
Anna Hardy, on page 15 of her History of Hope, notes:  "It was near Walter Philbrick's that Charles Barrett had the meeting house built that served for many years for all types of town gatherings, religious as well as political." Walter and Enoch Philbrick owned adjoining lots 65 and 75 "on the northwesterly side of Hatchet Mt., on the trail from Lincolnville to Union." On the map, the meeting house is actually shown on Enoch's lot.
The "trail" mentioned by Anna is now via Barrett Hill Road in Union and Hope to Hatchet Mountain Road to Bull Hill Road to High Street and thence to Lincolnville, above and west of Hope Corner, passing through the original commercial part of the village via Athern's Corner, where the present Camden Road crosses it.
The current course of Route 235 uses Buzzell Hill Road in Union/Hope to the junction of Buzzell Hill Rd. with Barrett Hill Road and Hatchet Mountain Road, then follows the "old trail" to a point just south of Hatchet Mountain, swinging to the east of Hatchet Mt. and coming down into Hope Corner east of Hatchet. It formerly continued past the cannery, Sweetland's Tavern and the General Store out Church Street straight through to Lincolnville.