Burials in Pine Grove Cemetery, Appleton, Maine, Before 1844

When it was one of the Two Hope, Maine Town Cemeteries
Extracted from Dr. Royce Miller's
Appleton Pine Grove Cemetery, 2006 Edition

Donovan A. R. Bowley
the Hope and Appleton Historical Societies

Early Pine Grove Cemetery, from a Watercolour at Appleton Historical Society

Burials in Pine Grove Cemetery, Appleton, Maine, Before 1844

When it was one of the Two Hope, Maine Town Cemeteries

In 1808, four years after its incorporation, the Town of Hope purchased land for two Town cemeteries. One of these became Morey Hill Cemetery, on land purchased from Ebenezer Whitcomb. The other became Pine Grove Cemetery, on land purchased from Archibald McLain, in Hope's McLain's Mills village. In 1843, the Maine State Legislature partitioned off the western third of Hope and added it to the Town of Appleton. That western third of Hope included the village of McLain's Mills and Hope's Pine Grove Cemetery '" which then became Appleton's Pine Grove Cemetery.

It is therefore reasonable to conclude that most, if not all, of the 88 or so burials that took place in the Hope Town Cemetery at Pine Grove before the 1843 date of partition and annexation were burials of Hope residents.

In order that this information not be lost to historians of the Town of Hope, we have extracted the following information from the 2006 edition of Dr. Royce Miller's excellent publication, Appleton Pine Grove Cemetery. Page numbers cited in the plot descriptions refer to the pages in that publication. The illustration on the cover is an original watercolour of early Pine Grove Cemetery at the Appleton Historical Society.

Please note that with only a few exceptions the entries extracted from Dr. Miller's work are for ONLY those who were buried at Pine Grove during 1843 and before, while it was still a Hope Town Cemetery. Many other family members of these people were buried in the same lots after 1843, when Pine Grove became an Appleton Town Ceme-tery. Readers should consult the Miller publication directly for information on other family members buried in the same lots as their people buried in 1843 and before. All 1843 burials are included, though transfer of jurisdiction took place early in 1843.
The primary exception, noted above, is the extensive comment on the leading citizen of the Mills, Fergus McLain, which has been included here. Though Fergus died in nine years after annexation in 1852, his wife Elizabeth died in 1836, was buried then at Pine Grove, and her information is included for his plot.

In the instances cited here, the primary stone on a lot may be for someone who died after 1843. When that is the case, after the pre-1844 deceased is listed, the lot will be identified by the principal name by which it is known and identifiable, even a post-1843 burial.

My editorial comments are in [bracketed italics, as here.]

Donovan A. R. Bowley North Appleton, September 2012

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Pre-1844 Burials at Pine Grove Cemetery

Arnold, Ambrose. Page 3. Old Cem. Sec. D.

Brown, Nathaniel. Page 7. No. 12 on Right, Old Cem., Ave. 3.

Burgess, Sarah E. Page 8. Old Cem. Sec. D.

Butler, Martha L. Page 9. Old Cem., Sec. D.

Carkin, Eurana Page 10. Old Cem. Sec. C.

Perry, William, II. Page 10. Old Cem. Sec. D.

Cochran, Sarah. Page 11. Old Cem. Section E.

Conant, Nancy Page 13. Old Cem. Sec. D.

Daggett Page 15. Old Cem., Sec. D.

Davis, Jeremiah G. Page 17. Old Cem., Sec. D.

Fish, Willis. Page 21. Old Cem. Sec. D.

Fisk, Charles. Page 21. Old Cem. Sec. D.

Fuller, Orlando Page 21. Old Cem. Sec. D.

Fuller, Mary Jane (Smith). Page 22. Old Cem. Sec. D.

G______, Charles I. Page 24. Old Cem. Sec. D.

Gurney, Olive Tubbs. Page 26. Old Cem. Sec. D.

Hall, Jonathan. Page 30. Old Cem. Sec. D.

Hanley, Mary E. [as Handley; sic.] Page 31. Old Cem. Sec E.

Hilton, Emeline. Page 33. Old Cem. Sec. E.

Keating, John '" see Hanley notes.

Keen, Robert S. Page 36. Old Cem. Sec. B. 3rd row from back.

Keene, Robert S. Page 36. Old Cem. Sec. D.
Son of Benjamin and Caroline W. Keene, 1825 '" 1831, age 6.
Benj., Jr. 1829-1831
Robert S., II, 1836-1840
'_Record says [also] Mary [Keene ?] d. 1819, age 87 [Footstone says M.K.].

Keene, Caleb Page 36. No. 5 on Right, Ave. 10. [Old Cem. Ave. 2]
Robert S. Keene Lot. '_[13 small stones, monument in center]'_

Laughton, Ebenezer Page 37. Old Cem. Sec. B, Back Row.

McLain, Furgus Page 42. Old Cem. Sec. D.
Alexander McLain Lot. d. 3-26-1842, age 84, 3 mo. [making him born in 1757.]
Son, Furgus, d. 2-18-1833, age 2 yr. 3 mo.

McLain, Archibald Page 43. Old Cem. Sec. D.

McLain, Elizabeth Page 43. Old Cem. Sec. D.

Morang, Helen. Page 49. Old Cem. Sec. E.

Newbert, Love. Page 50. Old Cem. Sec. D.

Newbert, John. Page 50. Old Cem. Sec. D.

Oxton, William and John. Page 52. Old Cem. Sec. D.
Ages 32 and 25, respectively. Drowned Nov. 27, 1826 in the Georges River.

Pease, James. Page. 54. Old Cem. Sec. D.

Pease, James Page 55. Old Cem. Sec. D.
d. 8-3-1847, age 82.

Pease, Prince E. [Jr.] Page 56. Old Cem. Sec. D.

Perry, Polly (Packard) Page 58. Old Cem. Sec. D.

Perry, Arad Page 59. Old Cem. Sec. B, 5 ½ Row from Back

Robbins, Marcus Page 63. Old Cem. Sec. D.

Robbins, Susan (Meservey) Page 63. Old Cem. Sec. D.

Robbins, Philip and Jesse. Page 63. Old Cem. Sec. D.

Robinson, Moses Page 64. Old Cem. Sec. D.

Rokes, Robert Page 65. Old Cem. Sec. D.

Simmons, Hiram Page 67. Old Cem. Lot D.

Simmons, Mary Page 68. Old Cem. Sec. D.

Smith, George, Esq. Page 70. Old Cem. Sec. D.

Sprague, Emeline Page 71. Old Cem. Sec. D.

Sumner, Mary Page 73. Old Cem. Sec.D.

Waterman, Lorenzo D. Page 77. Old Cem. Sec. B Front Row

Wentworth, Almira Page 80. Old Cem. Sec. D.
On Artist Wentworth lot. Almira, Artist's wife, d. Mar. 1826.
Nearby: Olive Wentworth, d. Sep. 18, 1832, age 5 mo.
Charles Wentworth, d. Aug. 13, 1838, 5 mo.

Wiley, Margaret Page 82. Old Cem. Sec. D.

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