Retouching digital photographs


Most of the pictures at this website were taken from ordinary photographs by turning them into digital pictures using a scanner. Digital pictures are more easily corrected for fading, incorrect brightness, contrast, hue, sharpness etc. As time permits, many of these photos are being retouched. For those who are interested, an example of the value of retouching it is given below. The example used is P3 and is a photograph of the Abner Dunton house. Read each line then click the underlined portions in order.


Original scan of photo P3. Very yellowed and faded black and white photo.

       (The original has significantly poorer detail when viewed with the naked eye.)

Crop from the portion of the picture with people.

The above turned into gray scale.

        (Notice the two black and one white spot above the heads of the two people on the left.)

The above with the spots removed and adjustments in brightness, contrast and sharpness.


If anyone is interested in retouching photographs in this collection, simply send an e-mail to the webmaster as instructed at the bottom of the Comments from viewers section and include the P number. The image from the original scan will be e-mailed back to you. Return it when complete for inclusion in this display. If you need software (you can teach yourself from the help files) click on the following link for a very good free editor.