History of the Bartlett Family as written by Abner F. Dunton (1850-1932) of Hope, Maine.

Phillip Robbins (My great great grandfather) was one of the first settlers of Union, Maine. He came from Walpole, Mass. in the year 1776 land bought 4000 acres of land of Dr. John Taylor at one dollar per acre. This land was on the western side of Seven Tree pond.

David Robbins, Phillip Robbins oldest son had been living at Thomaston for two years where he built a small log house. He could not get a clear title from the man from whom he had bought the farm. His father offered to give him one hundred and fifty acres in Union if he would settle on it and his wife fifty acres if she would come and cook for him and his hired hand. He accepted the offer.

Benjaman Packard had bought a log house on the lot. When David Robbins came Packard was obliged to vacate the house & Robbins moved his family into it in 1776. There was no road not even a foot path. Mrs. Robbins did not see the face of another woman from the time of her arrival in May till the following autumn. For many years people spoke of her great joy when another female came to reside with her.

The house built by Packard was the second house in town. David Robbins built the next log house in town on land ??? owned by Edward Bowes. It was between the present house & proved(?) so near to the latter that the water used by the family was brought from it. My grandmother said that the house was caulked with moss. The chimney was on outside of house.

Genealogy of the Robbins family

1. David born March 21, 1752
2. Elizabeth born July 8, 1754 in Richard Cummins(?)
3. Jemima " Jan 10, 1757 in Café-Joel Ames
4. Jessie " Apr 18, 1759
5. Ebenezer " Apr 30, 1761
6. Jacob " Nov 14, 1762
7. Joseph " Aug 7, 1765
8. Susanna " Sept 22, 1768
9. Philip " Aug 27, 1771

David Robbins (my great grandfather) born at Walpole, Mass. March 21- 1752. Died Aug. 12 1831. He owned the first house in town, the first chaise, the first hack, the first hack and his wife was the first woman moved into town to reside.

His children were:

1. Jason born Mar. 13, 1772 d. Junly 10, 1794
2. Chloe (my grandmother) married first Samuel Bartlett, a widower of Hope, Maine who was born at Newton, Mass, July 18, 1763 and second Abner Dunton born at Lincolnville, Maine April 26, 1781. Children by her first husband were:
1. Jason born Aug. 15, 1795 d. in N.Y. married in 1833.
2. Sophronia born Dec, 12m 1796 in Abrain Nason (?)
3. Issac born Mar. 7, 1798
4. Noah born Feb 26, 1800 in Matilda Hawes.
5. Samuel born Mar. 3, 1892 in Mary Jane dau of Jac ob Sibley (Seldon Bartletts grandparens.
6. Joel born Apr. 24, 1803 in Mary Dunton of Westport, Maine. (Chas Liltons grandparents)
7. Joseph born June 3, 1805 d. Mar. 22, 1825.

Children by her second husband were:

8. Abner born Aug. 1, 1807 in Susanna Harwood
9. Seldom born Feb 14, 1809
10. Chloe born Nov. 30,1810 d. Aug.11, 1817
11. Alvin R. born Apr. 13, 1812
12. Washington, born Sept. 14, 1813
13. Nancy, born Apr 9, 1815 d. Mar. 30, 1848 married Joseph Wiley
14. John born May 18, 1817 married Delora Fletcher Bartlett.

The Bartlett & Dunton children were all born in the first frame house in Hope, Maine. Then the house was in the field near the shore of the pond. This field now belongs to Everett Hobbs. The old house was afterward moved nearer the corner & is now occupied by Howard Coose. When Joel Bartlett was a small boy a Mr. Dunton (first name not known) came from Westport Maine to visit my grandfather (Abner Dunton born at Lincolnville, Maine April 26, 1781. There were no roads, so he came on horseback. When he returned to his house in Westport he took young Joel on the horse with him for a visit. The boy liked Westport so well that he made his home there.

A.F. Dunton
Valley Farm, Hope, Maine
Aug. 1928