Dear members & guests,

Please pardon the delay in circulating these. We didn't want to
interfere with Town Meeting (Tuesday June 15th) and it took us a while
to re-arrange our June and July meetings.

Please share with me my errors and omissions.

Bill Jones, Secretary



Hope Historical Society
Meeting of May 18th 2010

draft minutes

President Donovan Bowley called the monthly meeting to
order at 7 PM at the Hope Library. Also present were: Bob Appleby,
Joe Berry, Dick & Gwen Brodis, Hope Chase, Jean Connon, Tom Hardy,
Obed & Faith Hart, Mary Ireland, Bill & Judith Jones, Will Keene, Ann
Leadbetter. Barbara Ludwig and Ron Smith, as well as the following
guests: Elizabeth Abbe (Glastonbury CT (Connecticut Historical
Society)), Nancy Brown (Appleton), George Chappell (Camden), Terry
Harlow (Glastonbury CT), Cy Scofield (Camden), Judy Orne Shorey (a
Hewitt)(Rockland), and speaker Kevin Johnson (Belfast).

Treasurer Faith Hart reported that finances had not
changed much since a month ago and that details were available on
request. Secretary Bill Jones distributed the draft minutes of the
April meeting. In the interest of time, the President dispensed with
the treasurer’s report and the minutes. Draft minutes will be posted
on; members should check and send additions and/or
corrections to the Secretary. The Secretary reported that he had
filed our e-postcard with the IRS and that people should be aware of
the extensive genealogical work on Hope being done by Cybthia

Committee Reports

For the Program Committeee, Ann Leadbetter reported that
the June meeting would feature a presentation by Mrs. Best (Rockland),
a True descendant who had kept and donated to us the spectacular
Victorian hair art creation made by the women of Hope from their own
hair, probably during the Civil War. [NOTE – This changed later to
avoid conflict with Town Meeting. See below.]
For the Chronicle Committee, Gwen Brodis reported that, hopefully, the
2010 Chronicle is nearing completion. Mary Ireland asked where the
original copy for the 2000 Chronicle cover is. Nobody knew. Likely
cost of printing and possible sale prices for the 2010 Chronicle were
discussed but no decision was taken.



Old Business none

New Business


Elizabeth Abbe, Director, Public Outreach & Organizational
Advancement, CT Historical Society, invited members and guests for
personal tours of the Hartford museum.

[The next meeting was changed to accommodate Town Meeting on June
15th. It will be held Thursday June 17th at 7 PM at Hope Volunteer
Library featuring our own Eleanor Lacombe talking and showing slides &
samples on “TICKS & TIME; Tick Ecology & Lyme Disease.” The original
June program, featuring Mrs. Best and the Hope Civil War hair art she
has given us, will be Tuesday July 20th at Hope Historical Home at 7