The following article was given to us by Betsy True who found it among her husbands papers.
(Betsey wrote that the man who wrote the article had come to Hope to get his car fixed)

The date associated with this article is unknown, but the original copy when examined with a magnifying glass,
appears to show a year on the calendar as 19?4. The number associated with the ? appears to be either a 3 or
a 5. It also clearly shows that November 6 was on a Saturday. That occured in 1937, 1943, 1948 and 1954.
Taking all of this into consideration it appears that the year is probably '54.
Anyone who knows the year or the
identification of any person in the pictures, please send an email to the
Webmaster containing that information.


Above left to right: ???, Sherman Baird, Bill Wright?, Bill Hardy, Obed Hart

Below: The man directly in front of the car is Clifton Robbins.