Hope Historical Society Meeting
April 21, 2015

Open House will be May 23, 2015 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Dedication is at 11 a.m. Dedication of the Faith Hart Room will be at 11 a.m. Leeann McKlousky will be contacted to advertise the open house.


Treasurer\u2019s report: Gwen Brodis gave an update on the heating oil situation. She contacted Maine Coast Petroleum who wants monthly payments. If oil goes down they do not reimburse by give back in oil. Pen Bay Oil is our current supplier. Motion made and seconded to have Gwen prepay oil from PB Oil. Service contract is included.


Webmaster\u2019s report: Bob Appleby said he had Midcoast Internet Solutions who sold out to GWI. GWI service is not reliable for him. It is 20$/month for a web host. Donovan suggested we contact Jim McKenna in Appleton regarding a better internet service/web hosting. Donovan will contact Jim McKenna regarding a web host. Bob Appleby will contact Lincolnville regarding web hosting.


Donovan reviewed letter from Maine Historical Society re: Paul Revere and Forgotten War Disaster.


Gold Cane: Jonathan will check with Bill Pearse to have him return the cane.


Appleton to co-host meeting in the fall re: what societies are doing.


Florance has a queen size quilt for a raffle sale to be held on voting day in November as well as a bake sale to raise funds for HHS.


Lawn Mowing: We need to have someone mow the lawn at Katherine Brown House. Ann checked with Jonathan Duke. Jonathan has not responded to Ann as he is checking with the Selectmen to see if the same person who mows True Park (Todd Snyder). Barbara Carver used to mow the lawn but is no longer able. Our thanks to Barbara.


Life Membership is an option. Appleton has life memberships. Warren charges $ 10, Camden/Rockport is 20-25$. Previously brought up in Knox-Lincoln meeting. Membership would be $100.00 for lifetime membership if approved. We need to recruit new and younger members.


Tom Ford\u2019s report. We need curtains. Paul Hart did electrical. Clean Up Day April 25. We have hot water now. Wiring and rewiring done in Faith Hart room, attic and garage. Floor is reinforced and new BR is WC accessible. Where do we go from here? Numerous maintenance things still need to be done. Clean Up Day is 9-noon. Paul Hart will contact Viking to donate material to finish the wheelchair ramp. Scott, Paul and Tom will have it done by Open House May 23.


Kevin Johnson, Penobscot Marine Museum\u2019s Knox County Historical Photo Exhibit, will be speaking on May 19th at 7p.m.


Attending: Bob Appleby, Herb Hart, Bill Jones, Gwen Brodis, Ann Leadbetter, Donovan Bowley, Tom Ford, Paul Hart, Barbara Ludwig, Nancy Ford, Bob and Linda Hillgrove.


Respectfully Submitted
Linda Hillgrove