Hope Historical Society

Meeting of August 21st 2007


A morning meeting at Hope Historical Home was attended by: Bob Appleby, Hope Chase, Helen Dalrymple, Jason & Brooke Hall, Faith Hart, Herb Hart, Bill Jones, Dorothy Kimball, Ann Ludwig, Evelyn Ludwig, Ron Smith, Ed & Barbara True, Bud & Sandy True, James True, and Gart & Ella True.

Ex-President Ed True spoke on two of Hope's most noteworthy early citizens: William Hewitt and Fergus McLain.

Following refreshments, President Lois Hebb called the business meeting to order. Minutes of the July meeting were summarized and approved as corrected. Treasurer Faith Hart reported that our bank balance has evolved from $7,044.35 a month ago to $6,950.57 this month. Income was $10 from dues, $21 from donations and $99.18 from our collection of returnable bottles and cans.

Old Business:

The historical museum openings are not well attended, notably Thursday openings. Ann mounted an exhibit at HOPE4JAZZ on Saturday hoping to attrct people to our Saturday open house but attendance was still light.

The computers upstairs are set up. Ron Smith asked what we will do with them.

Nothing to report on map reprinting.

Maine History On-line had a Know/Lincoln/Waldo meeting at Rockland Library on July 24th but nobody from HHS went. The contact is Candace Kanes, ckanes@MaineHistory.org, www.MaineMemory.net, Maine Historical Society, 489 Congress Street, Portland ME 04101-3498, 774-1822 x233, FAX 777-4301.

New Business

Members reminded that Nominating Committee consists of Lois Hebb, Bill Jones & Ed True and that nominations are due for the October annual meeting.

Next meeting will be a tour of the former Gould Hospital on Alford Lake Road, now the home of Doug, Sonia & Emma Theobalds, on September 18th at 7 PM, not in August as originally planned. Carpooling arrangements will be announced. Emma will draw on her paper for her Hope Elementary School class; Bill Gould will explain how it was.

Annual meeting on Tueday October 16th will feature a Ron Smith travelogue on New Zealand.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Jones, Acting Secretary


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