Meeting of July 21, 2015

This was one of our rare "field trip" meetings - a daytime event. Members arrived at the Hope Historical Society around 12:15 P.M. and carpooled to the new Washington Historical Society Museum on Razorville Road, for this field trip. Photos were taken and will be posted on www.hopehist.com. Thanks go to our hostesses, Wendy Carr and Charlotte Henderson, and the members of Washington Historical Society for an informative tour.

Those present were: Donovan Bowley, Bob Appleby, Arthur Small, Gwen Brodis, Barbara Ludwig, Ann Leadbetter, Cindy and Jim DellaPenna and Jim's mother, and Linda Hillgrove.

Upon our return to Hope President Donovan Bowley showed us pictures of a horse drawn carriage, built in South Hope, which Vickie and Herb Harriman of Come Spring Farm in Union have offered to donate to the HH Society. A motion to accept this gift was made by Bob Appleby which was seconded, and unanimously accepted. We will need to make arrangements to transport the carriage to the HHS home. (Vickie Harriman brought it to the HHS barn, where it may be viewed. More information about the buggy will be given at the August meeting on Tuesday, August 18.)
The Tuesday, August 18th speaker will be Bill Jones, with the help of Carlie Mayer, who will present a history of the Hatchet Mountain Camps. The meeting starts at 7:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Hillgrove, Secretary