May 19, 2015

President Donovan Bowley called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. with the following in attendance: Gwen Brodis, Barbara Ludwig, Nancy Ford, Bob Appleby, Tom Ford, Joe Berry, Jim Dellapenna, Diane Sprowl, Mary Ireland, Elliott Mitchell, Jane Mitchell, Bill Jones, Ann Leadbetter, Ron Smith, John Boeckler, Joe Berry and Linda Hillgrove. Donovan expressed our thanks to Brian Cassiday for painting, Scott McIntyre, Tom Ford, Rick and Ann Bresnahan, along with other members who dedicated their time and talents restoring the home.

Program Coordinator, Ann Leadbetter, is making arrangements for Richard Morgan to speak at one of our meetings. Richard will explain processing grain at the Morgan's grist mill.

Secretary's report: Minutes of the April 21, 2015 meeting was read and unanimously approved and seconded.

Treasurer's Report: We have a beginning balance of $2,734.23. Income: Donations for labor/materials for floor $1,128. Donations: $207.50; Dues: $5.00; Coastal Opportunities: $64.96; TOTAL INCOME: $1,406.18. Total Expenses: $3,531.94 for electrical, Maine Hosting, Pen Bay Oil, CMP, State of Maine filing, Rankins, and Brookside Plumbing.

Balance in Checking: $608.47

Balance in Savings: $2,124.00

New Business: Tom Ford suggested we brainstorm ideas to encourage younger members. Donovan suggested going to the schools to inform students of the importance of knowing and understanding their town’s history. Tom Ford showed information sheets announcing the Open House on May 23, 2015 and gave sheets for us to pass along to friends and family.

Webmaster Bob Appleby asked for ideas, family photos with names included or any corrections which need to be made on the HHS website. It was moved and seconded to convert to Tidewater for HHS internet service.

Gwen Brodis and Ann Leadbetter provided drinks and snacks. Nancy Lord volunteered to provided snacks for the June 16th meeting.

We took a break to move chairs for the very interesting slide presentation by Kevin Johnson, photo archivist, of the Penobscot Marine Museum's Knox County Historical Photo Exhibit. He stated in 1907 1 billion postcards were sent, not counting the cards bought for souvenirs. The Searsport Museum is now open for the season with many old photos of Maine scenes.

Respectfully, Linda Hillgrove Secretary