May 16, 2023

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by Society President, Juanita Hunt. There were 15 members in attendance: Cindy DellaPenna, Margaret Morse, Juanita Hunt, Marie Berry, Gwen Brodis, Donovan Bowley, Catherine Pease, Ron Smith, Judith Jones, Bill Jones, Paul Sampson, Mary Ireland, Ann Leadbetter, Peter & Emily Saladino; additionally, we had 3 guests: James True, Jane Phillips, and Ralph Richardson plus our speaker for the evening, Carol Brown Jaeger in attendance.

As amended, the secretary's April 18, 2023 meeting report had been made available to all members by email and the Historical Society's website. There was a motion to accept the report, the motion was seconded and approved.

Gwen Brodis provided the Treasurer's report for activity from March 31 to April 30, 2023. Income for the month was $179.82 from bottle redemption, book sales, and a donation. Expenses were $807.90; they covered utilities, supplies, annual Maine Secretary of State filing, and postage. At the end of the month, there was $1,249.53 in checking and $25,968.70 in savings. There was a motion to accept the treasurer's report, seconded and approved.

Juanita presented some new business first. Dan's Electric will be installing outside lights on the garage about mid-June. Juanita's husband, Roger, installed solar lights along the wooden entry ramp (they are very bright and helpful) and she thanked whoever graciously removed the winter wooden covers from the cellar windows with one simple request that in the future, the weights used to hold the covers in place, rocks and bricks, be left in the window depression for easy reuse in the fall.

Under old business, Juanita reported that Randy Merrifield has done a great job repairing the upstairs bedroom ceiling, installation of a new window casing, and floor painting. Gwen added that her grandchildren assisted in moving furniture. Nice to have some young blood assisting. Juanita advised that the weather had delayed the gutter installation, but she is hopeful it will be accomplished within the next month.

Volunteers are still requested. The refreshment and hospitality committee has been combined but still needs volunteers. There is one more Friday, July 7th, where we need someone to open the house from 9 to 1 to greet any visitors who may wish to tour the house or peruse our various books about the town and its people.

Marie Berry discussed the upcoming June 13th voting day bake sale - if anyone has some craft items, they would like to donate they would be much appreciated. The wonderful supply of craft items that Florence Merrifield made and donated is dwindling - Is anyone willing to fill her shoes? June 24th is the annual lawn sale; items for the sale are most appreciated, but no clothes - baked goods will also be appreciated. And finally, on July 22nd, the 25th-anniversary celebration of True Park will take place; Marie will operate a table under a tent that will be continuously running a film showing the original dedication of the park, she would appreciate a couple of volunteers to help man the tent with her over the 4-hour stint.

Juanita announced some donations - William True donated a wooden box with a lift-out tray, the box contains some interesting old keys, hinges, brass attachments, and other items. Marie Berry has donated a "period" table currently in the meeting room. David Hall donated the vintage camera on display in the meeting room. Richard Crabtree donated the pen his brother, Bob, used in first grade (that class would have been held at the South Hope schoolhouse that is now crumbling); he also donated Bob's iron toy car and a bank he had used as a child. Sydney Hall donated a tatting shuttle and lace she has woven. These gifts are all very much appreciated.

Margaret Morse reminded us that next month we will have a daytime tour of Andy Swift's FireFly Restoration Company located at the corner of Seacoast and Barnestown Rd, in Hope. We can either meet at the Historical Society home by 9:45 am and drive up together or go directly to the business. The tour will begin at 10 am on June 20th. There will be no formal meeting on the 20th. Margaret also announced the other "field trip" to take place this year will be in September at Margo Moody's cranberry bog in Lincolnville - more on that later in the year, but maybe think of some recipes for cranberries.

Bill & Judith Jones were congratulated for having recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:55.

Margaret Morse introduced our speaker for the evening, Carol Brown Jaeger, who grew up in Hope and lived in our Historical Society's home. Carol provided interesting stories of what life was like back in the 1950s and 60s, in our small rural town of Hope. Many in attendance added memories of their own. The talk with discussion was recorded and we hope to upload it to our website for future enjoyment.

Refreshments followed provided by Mary Ireland and Marie Berry - thank you.

Respectfully submitted,
Cindy DellaPenna, Secretary