Meeting of September 15, 2015

At 7:04 P.M. President Donovan Bowley called the HHS meeting to order. Also presents were: Guest Speaker, Game Warden Michelle Merrifield, Florance Merrifield Marie Berry, Ron Smith, Mary Ireland, Arthur Small, Bill Jones, Diane Sprowl, Bob Appleby, Joe Berry, Barbara Ludwig, Ann Leadbetter, Sydney Hall, David Hall, JudiJones,GwenBrodis, Linda Hillgrove and guests, Janey Knight and Arlo Redmon.

The August 2015 meeting minutes were summarized and unanimously approved.

Treasurer Gwen Brodis presented the Treasurer's Report. It was unanimously received. Over the past month expenditures were $19.95 for Maine Hosting Solutions and $25.28 for Central Maine Power (Total of $45.23). Income included $78.54 from Coastal Opportunities and $26.00 from sale of quilt tickets (Total of $104.54). Balances are $625.85 in checking and $1624.34 in savings.

Old Business: There is still a problem with rejected emails. Bob Appleby is working with Maine Coastal Solutions to rectify this problem. Donovan recommended checking posters around town for time and dates of upcoming meeting as well as checking www.hopehist.com. Tickets are on sale for the king size quilt made and donated by Florance Merrifield. They will be available at the Craft Fair held at Hope School on October 24th and including Fall Voting Day when the winning number will be drawn.

Hope Historical Society will host this year's annual Come Autumn Conference of Local Mid Coast Historical Societies Saturday September 26 from 9 to 1:00P.M. Bring your own lunch. Gwen, Marie and Ann will provide refreshments. Please check with Gwen to sign refreshment list for future meetings.

New Items: Dan Dalrymple donated a new tabletop display case and a set of display easels, which Bill Jones brought to us. They can be viewed in the living room of HHS.

Program Chair: Ann Leadbetter, Program Chair, has outlined the monthly meetings for the remainder of 2015 as follows:
October 20th- (Annual Meeting) Tobin Malone, Director of the General Henry Knox Museum at Thomaston, Speaking on Montpelier, the Knox Mansion.
November 17th - TBA


December 8th - Annual HHS Christmas Brunch.

The business portion of our meeting was adjourned around 8:30 PM.

Ann Leadbetter introduced our speaker, Michelle Merrifield. Michelle Is a Game Warden primarily for Knox-Waldo counties but can use her search/rescue dogs state wide. Refresments were served after this informative presentation.

Respectfully Submitted,

Linda Hillgrove, Secretary