P68 Alden Allen  P73 John Pawert? Home Formerly John Fish P74 Carrie Quinn P76 Former J.Wilson/N. Barrett Now David Hall    P497 Noyes Centennial     P77 Noyes, Now David Doubleday. P88 Former Wentworth Now Brien Davis? P102 Henry Payson P115 Everett Hobbs Home P124 Everett Hobbs Home  P151 Henry Payson's House P153 Olive Noyes Homestead Now David Double Day P158 South Hope P160C Portanimicut Sailing Camp. P161 Staples at Alford Lake. P174C William Pearse Home P193 Laura and Ernest Hastings House. P219 Barbara Carver Building - Hope Village    P261C Carolyne Barretts's Home P193 Laura and Ernest Hastings Home    P330 Misty Mountain Farm - 1876   P335 Taylor House P365  Coose Homestead     P434 .Home of William B. Fish on Alford Road   P512 Sears Roebuck House    P625  Hope Dale Farm    P907 Heath House     P248 Cordwood house     P997 Wentworth Homestead     P1555 Sears Roebuck house     

Map of homes in South Hope in 1859
Map of homes near Hope Corner in 1859